44 People Recall The Exact Moment They Realized They Were Surrounded By Idiots

19. When a girl in class asked why there were two Pacific Oceans on the map.

“First day of college, girl raises her hand and asks why there are two Pacific Oceans on the map.

[The professor] turned to look at the map, turned back towards the class and motioned with her hands and said, ‘the world is round.’

Literally the best “fuck you” response a professor could give.”


20. When my friend didn’t think gasoline was flammable.

“I was hanging around with my friends. One of my friends had just gotten his very own moped. It needed a fill up, so they went to get the jerry can with petrol in it. We were in the middle of an apartment building complex at the patio. My other friend wanted to see how much petrol there was, so he used his lighter to help him see. I immediately said ‘stop that! It will catch fire.’ He did not believe me so they decided to test it by pouring the petrol on the ground and to try lighting it up. The person who was pouring the petrol got scared and jumped once the petrol caught on fire and dropped the jerry can. The rest of it splashed to the ground and formed a 10 meter (32 ft) tall fire spiral.”


21. When I was lectured for using a ‘big word’ like ‘taut.’

“I was at work and explaining to a coworker how to put wrap on a cooking wrapping machine and I say, ‘You have to pull it taut.’” And she just stopped and said ‘That isn’t how you use that word. You can’t teach a wrap.’ And my bosses come in and I had to convince them that taut was a word and they told me that I shouldn’t use big words like that all the time. Taut.”


22. When people around me at work didn’t know the difference between Europe and the EU.

“The morning after the EU referendum in the UK. People around me in work: ‘So, as we’re leaving Europe, does that mean there will be eight continents now?’

Because they didn’t know the difference between Europe and the European Union.”


23. When an American didn’t believe I spoke English because I’m from England.

“Grew up in the UK and moved to the US and had the following conversation.

Her: What language do you speak where you come from?

Me: English.

Her: No, I mean what actual language did you speak as you grew up?

Me: I grew up in England and they speak English there.

Her: You don’t understand we speak English in America, what language did you speak before moving here?

Me: Bye.”



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