34 Things Men Need To Stop Doing NOW

Daniella Urdinlaiz (lookcatalog.com)
Daniella Urdinlaiz (lookcatalog.com)
Found on AskReddit.

1. Stop touching us.

“Don’t touch me. I don’t know you. No, not even the whole ‘pat on the shoulder’ thing. Also; no I will NOT hug you, random dude. I don’t want to touch you.”


2. Stop doing that ‘sexy’ look in selfies.

“Guys doing that ‘sexy’ look in selfies with the hooded eyes, slightly open mouths and raised eyebrows. Additional points for a snapback.”


3. Stop catcalling us.

“I don’t know if they think it’s cute or just attention-getting or what, but guys yelling at chicks out of their car windows. One guy yelled ‘Show me your areolas’ at me. What? My areolas, just…what?”


4. Stop farting and laughing.

“Men farting and laughing.”


5. Stop talking to your dicks.

“Talk to their dick like it’s a wing man.”


6. Stop using pickup lines.

“Pickup lines. Guys, seriously, cut that shit out and just say hi.”


7. Stop wearing man buns.

“I hate the man bun, it’s been scientifically linked with early onset male baldness and that’s all I see when I see a man wearing a bun.”



8. Stop sending us dick pics.

“Dick pics. I swear to god, unless I ask, I just don’t want to see it. Now, if I do want to see it, you’d better take one beautiful dick pic because either we’re gonna bang or we’re going to be friends so make it count. But in general, please stop sending me shots of your penis.”


9. Stop calling yourself ‘daddy.’

“When men say daddy!! What about ‘come to daddy’ is sexy?? That creeps me the fuck out! No No NO!”


10. Stop being assholes just because you think girls like that.

“23-year-old woman here, and I still experience guys being assholes because they think girls like that. No, you’re just an asshole.”


11. Stop referring to our genitals as ‘kitty.’

“The number of men who refer to my genitals as ‘kitty’ is WAY TOO HIGH. There was one guy who called it ‘Miss P’ and just. No. Don’t do that.”


12. Stop badmouthing all your exes.

“Some guys try to connect to you emotionally by telling you how all his previous crushes/exes were terrible. Sometimes it’s an outright red flag, but usually they’re just giving me a one-sided subjective story and expecting me to blindly sympathize for whatever reason. We’ve all had bad experiences but this isn’t cute, it’s telling girls that once this is over you will become a sob story that he will use to pick up the next girl.”




13. Stop insulting us when we turn you down.

“I hate when guys try to hook up and start yelling insults at you when you turn them down. ‘Show me your titties!’ ‘No thanks.’ ‘You are fat anyways.’ ‘Ok, cool.””


14. Stop agreeing with everything we say.

“Men who just agree with whatever I say, even when it’s not their true opinion. I’m trying to get you know you, not myself!”


15. Stop being a super ‘nice guy.’

“Being a super ‘nice guy’… My friend went out with this guy who couldn’t have a conversation with her without complimenting her and being overly sweet and turning everything to how much he liked her. It sounds nice, but it can be so annoying. We just want to talk to you damnit.”


16. Stop doing that pouty Jaden Smith face.

“Guys that do that Jaden Smith face. Like pouting eyes and lips. It’s not cute. It just makes you look like you’re about to cry.”


17. Stop randomly touching us out of nowhere.

“Randomly touching me out of nowhere. In high school, I had male acquaintances who thought it was perfectly fine to just walk up behind me and start massaging my shoulders or trying to tickle me. One, I am very uncomfortable with people touching me. Two, all of them knew damn well that I was in a committed relationship yet would still do it, even in front of my boyfriend. It isn’t cute, it is creepy. The kicker would be when one of them would randomly try to massage my shoulders and then mention how tense I was, no shit I am tense fuck wit, you just randomly started touching me for no reason. And yes, I asked them to stop multiple times, both politely and forcefully.”


18. Stop trying to ‘cure’ us.

“I cannot tell you the amount of men that I dated that thought they could ‘cure’ me of something. I don’t know if it’s a pet project for them, or they like having a purpose or what but it drives me fucking nuts.

One guy thought he could cure me of my fear of motorcycles by showing up to my house for our first date to go riding. Uh. No. I’m not scared of motorcycles because I’ve never been on one. I’m scared of them because I watched my cousin in the hospital after getting plowed over by a semi on one. it’s not my thing.”


19. Stop doing stupid feats of strength to impress us.

“Try to show off by doing ‘feats of strength’ with their friends and end up breaking something or hurting themselves.

We don’t think you’re strong or impressive all we think is ‘here they go being stupid again.’”


20. Stop ‘sticking up’ for us in situations we can handle.

“Guys ‘sticking up’ for you in situations that you can absolutely handle.

Like, my husband thinks it’s his duty to call out the person who’s being a dick to me, and while I appreciate him having my back, he usually is just escalating a situation and making a scene at a time when I could calmly handle what’s happening.

Of course, if I’m ever feeling threatened, that can be super helpful. But if someone just cut me in line at the DMV or something, step off and let me handle this shit, I’m not a porcelain fucking doll.”


21. Stop telling us that we like you, because we don’t.

“I hate when guys tell me I like them, or I like what they are doing or saying or whatever.

Fuck you.”


22. Stop negging us.

“Negging. The idea if you insult a girl, she’ll put down her ‘bitch shield’ because she is going to try to defend herself, which will make her more receptive to your advancements. No. It just reminds of when a bunch of boys bullied me back in middle school. You’re going to be written off.”


23. Stop acting like you’re superior.

“It makes me want to punch a dude in the face when he tries this ‘superiority complex’ shit on me.

I had one idiot I was interviewing for a roommate, and he tried to tell me that he knew more about setting up network installations because he worked as a cable man for Time Warner Cable like back in the early 2000’s. I have a bachelors in computer science. I’ve also worked as a network engineer for 10 years.

Women are not idiots. It would be nice if the game wasn’t about their egos.”


24. Stop hiding your real thoughts and feelings.

“Men who won’t tell me their real thoughts feelings because they don’t want to burden me. Bro, the mystery is burdening me!! You’re making me do 5x as much work, and killing our chance at intimacy.”


25. Stop asking for a hug.

“I’m extremely uncomfortable with physical contact, even sometimes with friends I’m very close with and it’s just been this way my whole life. When people say shit like ‘I’m a hugger’ or ‘Where’s my hug?’ I’m immediately engulfed with anxiety because I know an unwanted hug is about to happen. I try to be nice because obviously people like hugs so I’ll oblige if we’re friendly. But once you tell someone ‘Hey sorry, it just makes me a bit uncomfortable when people touch me’ IMMEDIATELY they will fucking touch you to try and be cute or funny, and usually it’s a hug or they will just press their entire body onto me. I’ve only ever experienced this with men, so I don’t know if women do this too, but it would be nice if people could respect boundaries, you know?”


26. Stop tickling us if we already told you we don’t like it.

“Dudes who think it’s cute/funny/flirty to do things I say I don’t like. I don’t like being tickled, i really hate having my feet touched, and I don’t like hands on my neck (it makes me uncomfortable for whatever reason, even if it’s gentle and not choking or threatening.) Doing it without knowing is fine, as long as you listen when I tell you I dislike it and stop.

SO MANY FUCKING GUYS DO THE OPPOSITE. ‘Oh, she doesn’t like her feet being touched? I better grab them!’ I will discreetly try to get away, repeating, ‘Don’t, stop it,’ and I’ll warn them that I kick and hit when I get anxious like that! I have eventually ended up hitting people (not hard enough to leave a mark/wound), and I’m suddenly a ‘bitch who can’t take a joke.’ If I tell you I’m uncomfortable and to stop something, it’s not funny.”


27. Stop acting stoic all the time.

“Acting stoic all the time. I love that my BF can show a spectrum of emotions. It makes it easier to relate to him and just being able to know what he’s feeling makes it easier to fix something that might be wrong instead of it being compartmentalized and festering into a blow-up. My ex was either emotionless or angry.”


28. Stop teasing us and just ask us out.

“When guys tease girls because they like them. Just, no. Man up and be direct with me. I don’t want you to throw stuff at me or poke me or something like that. I’m not a dumbass. I know what you’re doing.”


29. Stop making jokes at our expense.

“Jokes at the expense of your date. We call those guys choppers and don’t go out with them because it feels bad.”


30. Stop refusing to take no for an answer.

“Guys who won’t take no for an answer.

We’re not playing hard to get, it isn’t a long game, and we’re definitely not going to date you when you won’t leave us the Hell alone. It’s not cute, it’s not funny, you’re just annoying, creepy, and sometimes a bit threatening.”


31. Stop grabbing things out of our hands and acting like it’s cute.

“Men that take stuff and playfully won’t give it back. Hey what are you reading snatches book haha, whoa, haha what would you do if I read the last page? Would you be mad? And the girl is just like ‘haha, OK, give it back, give it back now, give me my book, stop this now, give it back, GIVE ME BACK MY BOOK!’ And the guy acts baffled, like whoa, settle down, I was just kidding around.”


32. Stop asking up to make all the decisions.

“I hate it when guys want me to make all of the decisions regarding where to eat, what movie to see, etc. It’s fine for the first date or two. After that it’s just annoying.”


33. Stop licking our ears.

“Every boy I get intimate with licks my ear when we bump-n’-grind. STOP IT.”


34. Stop blatantly staring at our asses and tits.

“• Telling me about how successful your parents are, how many vacation homes your family owns, that time you went on lavish vacation that I can’t afford. The riches of your family doesn’t make me want to sleep with you

• Think it’s okay to hit on me while I’m working. I work in retail, I’m being nice to you because I want you to buy something. I’m being paid to be nice to you please ask me questions about the store but don’t get into your private life, or try to get into my private life

• Blatantly stare at my ass or tits

• Act like I’m making a big deal by insisting that I pay for my own drink. People often think they’re entitled to talk to me or touch me if they buy me a drink and if I get upset about it I’m a bitch, but if I refuse having a drink bought for me I’m also a bitch.

• Assume that if I’m not a bright and chipper happy person then I must be on my period. I experience other emotions at all times of the month, and sometimes I have a good reason to be experiencing said emotions.

• Getting upset at me for not liking jokes about rape. Sorry, you sound like a psychopath who thinks its funny when people are violently taken advantage of and traumatized. Why would I want to be around you, you sound like someone who enjoys raping people and trivializing it.

• Thinking that I dress anyway to impress you. When I put on yoga pants it’s because they’re comfortable. When I wear a sundress it’s because I didn’t want to have to match any clothing. Like I give a shit whether you think my shorts are too high waisted I didn’t buy them for you to stare at me and tell me your opinion about my choice of attire.

Just figured I’d give some balance and write out a few since there are fewer women here. I can’t really think of any habits men have that I think are annoying when they don’t affect me, I only get annoyed by men who harass me. Other than that I don’t give a shit about what you’re wearing or what your activities are because I mind my own business and let you be yourself because who am I to tell you how to live your life.”

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