Abusive Women: 43 Victimized Men Share Their Horrifying Tales Of Physical And Sexual Assault

30. It was like being repeatedly hit with a hammer or something.

“Some crazy chick tried to drug rape me at a house party but my friend saved me..

So my friend J gets invited to this house party but there’s not many people he knows there and he doesn’t wanna go alone, so he invites me and I go with him.

We get there and it’s pretty chilled, there’s a few people we know but for the most part we don’t know many people. We sit down outside for a smoke (I only smoke when I drink) and soon people come and sit at our table, a group of four girls and 3 other lads we met. Everything’s going fine and I’ve had like 6 buds, and am starting to get tipsy, when I get this weird feeling I’m being watched.

I turn around in my seat and see this girl staring at me, and damn she was crazy looking and also weirdly hot. She had wild black hair and big eyes, and was turning me on and freaking me out at the same time. I turn back to my table and ask the girls if they know crazy-girl, and they shrug and says they’ve never seen her before. Huh.

So crazy-girl saw me looking at her and took this as a sign for her to come over, my drunk-ass is okay with this and she starts talking to me and is completely normal, we chat about school and shit and then she notices me finish my Bud and she offers to bring me another. I’m drunk by this point so I say yeah what the hell, and I let her bring me one. It was open when she gave it to me, but at the time I thought nothing of it. 20 mins later I feel weird and a little sick, so I tell J I’m quickly going to the toilet, as I made my way to the toilet I had no idea I’d been drugged because I was drunk anyway, I assumed that my slow limbs and pounding head were a result of the alcohol.

Downstairs toilet is in use, fuck, so I head upstairs, and I’m now having trouble walking because my legs feel like jelly. As I reach for the upstairs bathroom door, a strong pair of hands pushes me into a side bedroom and as I hear the lock click behind me I think to myself something really is wrong. I spin around slowly and almost fall over, and I catch a glimpse of that huge black hairdo and I know who’s in the room with me. She shoves me back on the bed… Can I just quickly say that in my 17 years of life I’ve been beaten up and kicked around but none was worse than this, because at least in those other times I could actually fight back. In this room, drugged and drunk, I was completely helpless, like a baby in a mans body, and I won’t lie, I was fucking terrified.

She was 4 inches shorter than me and light as a feather, but in my state there was nothing I could do, my limbs had turned to jelly and my head… it was like being repeatedly hit with a hammer or something. I just lay there on the bed, she got on top of me, and that’s all I’ve ever been able to recall.

I can’t remember much of what happened next, but I woke up the next day in Hospital with my stomach on a drip. I’d been pumped of alcohol and the nurse told me they’d found traces of a date-rape drug (It had a long ass name I can’t remember) in my blood which is what gave me those side-effects, she said that mixing it with the alcohol had put me in a deep sleep and I’d been out for 14 hours. J was there by my bed and he told me how he’d gotten worried at how long my trip to the toilet had taken, he ran upstairs searched through every room and realized one was locked, which made him realize something was clearly wrong. Then he went to the host of the house, asked for the key to the upstairs rooms and unlocked it to find me flat on my back passed out and the girl on top of me.. she had taken off my shoes and socks for weird some reason (fetish)?.

That’s pretty much it, I don’t know what happened to her and I don’t want to know, nor do I want to know what would have happened to me if J didn’t save me, damn do I owe that kid.”


31. One night she was up drinking at like 2am and woke me up by forcibly pulling my shorts off while I was sleeping; she got on top trying to get me hard and inserting.

“I posted about this before. I’ll try to keep it short this time. I met this at a local bar when my friend worked, we started talking and seemed to hit it off, she seemed pretty on the ball and I thought she was cute. We exchanged numbers and started dating. Eventually I saw she had a drinking problem but like an idiot chose to look past it, first mistake. We developed a codependent relationship I dealt with a few nights where I was kept and we argued, and I left and went to my place, only to return a few days later, we made up, and so on. One night she was up drinking at like 2am and woke me up by forcibly pulling my shorts off while I was sleeping; she got on top trying to get me hard and inserting. In my half sleep stated I tried to get her to stop, it was obvious I didn’t consent, she said “don’t you want me?” I finally threw her off and we fought about it and I went to bed. She never acknowledged and I don’t think she remembers what she did. I ended up going to therapy to try to fix our relationship and in turn sought the help I needed to end it. This was 2 years ago now.”


32. I’ve struggled with my masculinity because of it.

“Senior year of college. Got extremely intoxicated at my fraternity house. There was this girl who I had seen around on campus a few times, but never really talked to. We said a few words to each other that night, but nothing more.

I decided to walk back to the annex where some of us seniors were living. She said she wanted to come with me to make sure I got home OK. I thought it was a little weird, but whatever, I’m drunk and I just want to get home. Then she somehow talked her way into the house, and then into my bedroom. I took off some of my clothes, crawled into bed, and passed out.

I came to some time later with her on top of me. I didn’t know what was going on, and I just convinced myself it was a bad dream. I woke up the next morning and realized what had happened.

I have no idea if I was hard or not (I don’t get whiskey dick all that bad, but I can’t finish if I’m drunk), or if I came, or if she put a condom on. I got STD checked, and was terrified for over a month that she would show up at my door to tell me she was pregnant. I never reported it because I was scared that she would lie and say I raped her, and I didn’t know her name anyways.

That was over 5 years ago. I’m almost 27 now. I tried to kill myself 3 weeks ago (due to a lot of other problems I was not dealing with), but 15 mins in I called 911 and barely lived. I’ve never felt better about myself than right now, and I’m finally asking for help and getting a lot of these problems taken care of. It was like I woke up a new person. It took a while to admit that being raped was a part of my poor mental state. I’m finally talking to people about it. I was told right after it happened that what happened wasn’t rape, which is why I didn’t talk about it for so long. I’ve struggled with my masculinity because of it. Why didn’t I try and fight her off? How did I let her get in my room in the first place?”


33. She charged right at me and took her hand and pressed it against my throat with her nails scratching the ever living shit out of my neck.

“I had been living with my fiancée of four years at the time it took place. She had been going out every weekend Friday night through Monday after work for a solid month and taking our only car with her leaving me stranded on those weekends. Things were pretty rocky already and I had a very justified hunch she was cheating.

I had just got home from work to find her getting ready in the upstairs bathroom getting ready to ‘go out’ for the weekend. I understood what this meant and I went back downstairs and found the keys to our vehicle on the table. I took them and put them up somewhere out of sight and went back upstairs to let her know that if she was going out for the weekend, whoever it was she was going with would need to pick her up as I would need the car to see family.

I don’t know what snapped in her but she immediately lunged at me, screaming at me the give her the fucking keys back. I was standing at the top of the stairwell and back up against a wall sort of in shock of how quickly things went from 0 to 100. She was damn near in tears still screaming at me to give her the keys back when I exclaimed firmly that I wasn’t going to do that.

And that’s when it happened. She charged right at me and took her hand and pressed it against my throat with her nails scratching the ever living shit out of my neck in the process also slapping my right cheek twice as hard as she could. I had never seen this side of her. She was holding me against the wall by my throat and screaming in my face just about every dirty thing she could tell me to try and get them back. Of course, I knew I couldn’t do anything about it. I knew if I laid a single finger on her it would be my fault. I stared at the ceiling while she was going on just wondering what to do. She finally backed off and walked to the other side of the room. She asked me what it would take to get the keys back and get the hell out of my life. Just a side note, I paid for this vehicle and half the insurance. Both names on the title so I’m not quite savvy on all the legalities of it but I felt I was in the clear on my end. I, once again, just plainly told her that I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t let her walk all over me for another weekend again while I just sat there with no way to get around. This seemed to push her just a little father over the edge. She started trashing our bedroom. Ripping curtains and blinds off the windows, taking all the picture frames off the wall and throwing them at me (one connected with my shoulder but not cutting it, left a nasty bruise) and smashing my flat screen on the floor. after getting nailed with the frame, I just went downstairs and was going to call the police but had left my phone upstairs but I had no intentions of going back up there. She followed shortly after to continue her rampage. At that point, I just went outside. My neighbors had called the police due to the disturbance and they arrived probably 2 minutes after I made it out the door. They took pictures of the cuts and asked if I wanted to press charges on top of the city pressing charges and my dumbass said ON VIDEO that it didn’t hurt. That was my biggest mistake. They reasoned the keys away from me and she was able to leave in the car. They dropped the case a month later due to just that. Those words were why they wouldn’t be able to prosecute. After that mess, she emptied the bank account on the way out to wherever she was going and she came to get her stuff while I was at work. Only one phone call was shared after that night and it wasn’t good. She just gloated and basically made sure I understood I lost in just about every way. A few months later, I got a call from the insurance company. They needed me to sign papers to pay for my totaled vehicle I guess she wrecked. That’s the last interaction I’ve had with her.”



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