24 Myths About Men That Need To End NOW

Daniella Urdinlaiz. (www.lookcatalog.com)
Daniella Urdinlaiz. (www.lookcatalog.com)
Found on AskReddit.

1. Men don’t have feelings.

“Myth: Men don’t have feelings.”


2. Men don’t get sad or hurt.

“That men don’t get sad/hurt/etc. It’s still widely unaccepted for men to talk about their feelings, it’s by many considered to be a feminine trait. Depression rates + suicide rates for men are way higher than they are for women. It’s a stone-cold shame.”


3. All men are violent.

“That all men are violent and must have sex at regular intervals otherwise they start raping people.”


4. Men can’t be victims of sexual or domestic violence.

“That men can’t be victims of sexual or domestic violence.”


5. All men are assholes.

“Not all men are assholes. Seriously. Women like to talk about how much of a “pig” their ex was and the next guy will be…maybe you should go for better men, Jodie.”


6. Men are privileged.

“That we are privileged just by having a wiener.”


7. Men have no emotional need for each other.

“That we have no emotional need for each other. Historically speaking men were pretty tight. No homo.”


8. Men can’t be raped.

“Men can’t be raped.”


9. Men are inferior parents.

“I hate when men are automatically seen as the lesser parent. Modern fathers should play just as big a part in the parenting process, but we’re portrayed as incompetent dolts on virtually every TV show and movie.”


10. Men are all power-hungry assholes.

“That we’re all power hungry assholes who will try to take the one ring for ourselves, instead of listening to the elves and destroying it.”


11. All men always want to have sex.

“All guys always want to have sex.”


12. Men are super-simple sexually.

“That men are super-simple sexually.

1. Many of us need foreplay just as much as women to get in the mood.

2. Just because we sometimes aren’t in the mood doesn’t mean we don’t dig our partner. Sometimes we’re tired, anxious, preoccupied or just aren’t feeling it.

3. Many of us have trouble getting off sometimes. Maybe we held back early and now are having trouble finishing. Maybe we are still in the mood to fuck without cumming.

Bottom line: talk to your partner and know who they are. Just because they don’t fit the stereotype of a walking hard-on with a hair trigger orgasm doesn’t mean they aren’t into you.”


13. Men can’t control themselves around naked women.

“That men are incorrigible rape monsters who can’t control their actions as soon as they see a woman’s (or anyone’s, really, depending on sexuality) flesh.

I find the opinion that men can’t control themselves around nakedness to be deeply insulting. If I see a woman (or a dude, I guess) walking up the street naked, my first instinct isn’t to rape her. So I don’t know why people imply what a person is wearing has anything to do with rape.”


14. Men can’t do basic household chores.

“That men are not capable of doing basic chores like cooking, taking care of kids, or cleaning. I hate those stupid commercials that portray men as some idiots who can’t do anything right and will let their kids die of neglect if the woman doesn’t come home to save the family. I’m a single dad and I handle all my shit. I get my kid to school, to soccer practice, I help with homework, hold down a great career, and I cook like a champ.”


15. Men can’t multitask.

“That men can’t multitask. I’m always pretending to listen to my girlfriend whilst playing poker on my phone.”


16. All men like sports and are into cars.

“All guys like sports and are into cars. I may watch your occasional soccer game and I know basic knowledge of how a car works, but that’s it.”


17. Men would rather be at work or with their friends than at home.

“How about debunking the myth that men would rather be at work or with their friends or anywhere else other than their home? I think that TV and movies have confused people and presented a reality that doesn’t truly exist. The people that I know would much rather spend time with their children rather than with the guys at a bar or something like that. I’m not sure that that culture really exist at all actually. Most men that I know, including myself, work extremely hard so we can support our families. We don’t squander our money away by drinking it.”


18. Men don’t face body issues.

“That men don’t face body issues. I am so sick of hearing the exact same person who says things like “don’t judge a women for her size” say that they wouldn’t date a man who’s shorter than them. Men get judged all the time for their bodies: too short, too skinny, not muscular enough, weak jaw line, small penis. And I honestly think it’s worse because obesity can be fixed, and in all honesty it’s entirely your own fault if you’re overweight, but a man can’t magically become taller.”


19. Men are always horny and DTF.

“That men are always horny and DTF, and if they aren’t it’s because they find you unattractive.

Sometimes we’re tired. Or stressed out. Or sad. Or had a bad day. Or just aren’t in the mood. It doesn’t mean your boyfriend or husband suddenly thinks you’re ugly if he doesn’t want to bang that night.”


20. Men will never understand women.

“That, as a man, I will never be able to understand non-men.

That’s sexist and really not helping the gender equality movement. Instead of just giving up on men and assuming they do not want to or are physically incapable of understanding what it is like to be not a man bothers me.”


21. Men who are around children are automatically child molesters.

“That men who are around children are automatically child molesters. I think that’s the one that pisses me off the most. A woman can be friendly to a child and everyone thinks it’s cute. If a man does it they’re all worried he’s going to do stuff.”


22. White men are responsible for all the world’s evils.

“That white males are responsible for ALL the evils that beset the world.”


23. If a man was involved in a fight with a woman, it’s his fault.

“• that men are all pigs that only want sex

• that men are less caring then women

• that men are the lesser parent

• that if a man was involved in a fight with a woman no matter what it was his fault.

…to name a few.”


24. Men make more than women for the same job.

“That we make more than women for the same job.”

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