32 Women Describe The Taste Of A Man’s Cum

Flickr / joolde
Flickr / joolde

1. A salty balloon.

“Do you remember that taste you had when you chewed on a balloon as a kid? That’s exactly how semen tastes like, only a lot saltier.”


2. Shrimp and bleach.

“It tastes like a mixture between shrimp and bleach.”

—Name Withheld

3. Battery acid.

“I always said it tastes like battery acid. No I’ve never had battery acid before but it’s just always been my description.”

—Name Withheld

4. The inside of a sneaker.

“Like the inside of a sneaker.”


5. Fresh mushrooms.

“To me, it tastes the way fresh mushrooms smell. Earthy, kind of musty. Not too horrible. I’ve had some really bad ‘loads’ with an ex, he was gross as his diet was gross.”

—Name Withheld

6. A wet dirty moldy towel.

“Okay imagine you showered and toweled off, now leave that towel wet in a bundle at the bottom of your dirty laundry? After a week, take it out and roll it in salt and then taste it. That’s what jizz tastes like.”


7. Coconut water.

“It tastes like coconut water to me. (Boyfriend I have now) So it actually tastes kind of good. Which makes it funny when I actually drink coconut water, I’m like ‘hmm, cum.’”


8. Brie cheese.

“I find it tastes just like brie cheese.”


9. Brie cheese and chlorine.

“The ones I’ve tried were quite the same. always thought it’s like a mixture of brie cheese or Camembert with the smell of chlorine. You know the smell when you walk into a swimming pool?”

—Name Withheld

10. A sweaty gym sock.

“At first it tastes like nothing, goes down like melted pudding or clam, then a gym sock, sweat, napalm-like substance/taste sticks to your tongue and the back of your throat that wouldn’t get washed down unless you drink water or anything. I really don’t like it, but my BF looks happy if I do. :(”


11. Cough syrup.

“One guy I tasted was like cough syrup. Sweet and a little bitter….Others taste salty or bitter. I agree with bleachy. So gross. Bleachy and warm. So….Usually I spit…”

—Name Withheld

12. Old taco sauce.

“Cum tastes like the taco sauce but a little bit old.”


13. Sugary sweet.

“I think the taste is affected by what your man eats. I was going down on an old boyfriend and I swear his cum was sugary sweet. He had been drinking vodka and pineapple juice. So get your man liquored up and enjoy the swallow! :twisted:”


14. Fish.

“Well…my bf’s cum tastes like fish…most disgusting cum ever.”


15. Salty dish soap.

“Tastes like salty dish soap tbh.”


16. Chalk.

“I think it tastes chalky.”


17. Fries and cheeseburgers.

“LOL—depends on my partner’s diet. Most of the time, I do not find the taste objectionable. If he eats lots of fries and cheeseburgers, it can taste a bit ugly.

75% of my samples have been delightful, not only for the taste but for the reciprocal results provided to me by my partner.

20% have been tasty enough to swallow without worrying about the donor.

5% have needed a comment regarding diet, but the reciprocity was splendid anyway.”


18. Bleach and bathroom cleaner.

“I don’t because I find it to taste like a mixture of bleach and bathroom cleaner. I like the idea, but my stomach hates the act.”

—Name Withheld

19. Salty egg whites.

“Add some salt to egg whites and then taste it—that’s what sperm tastes like. ”


20. Salty boogers.

“You know when you clear the shit in your nose out into your mouth and swallow it? Yeah, to me it tastes like that. Sometimes though it can be pretty damn salty. I’m strictly a swallower. I have never spitted it out so I’ve eaten trillions of potential babies so I know the taste pretty well.”

—Name Withheld

21. Soft bleach.

“It smells like soft bleach LOL.”


22. Salty and warm, not nice.

“Salty and warm, not nice.”


23. Like breathing in salt water.

“It taste like the feeling of accidentally breathing in water while swimming, with a shit ton of salt. Since my boyfriend is a fitness freak and basically only eats proteins the consistency is even worse… Clumps, that’s all I’m going to tell you. He’s lucky I love him so much…”


24. Bitter with an acidic taste.

“Taste bitter with an acidic taste, no matter how much pineapple he eats lol but in the heat of the moment I don’t mind.”


25. Creamy salt.

“It tastes like creamy salt but for some reason smells like fresh linen.”

—Name Withheld

26. Liquid salty icing.

“Liquid salty icing :/”


27. Dishwater.



28. Seawater, egg whites, and very overripe kiwi.

“More like a warm mixture of seawater, egg whites and very overripe kiwi.”


29. Seawater.

“I think it tastes of seawater.”


30. Thick, slimy, bleachy, salty yogurt

“Not only is it lukewarm (yuck), but it’s thick and slimy, and tastes like bleachy, salty yogurt.”

—Name Withheld

31. A vinegar martini chased with a lemon and Bailey’s Irish Crème.

“Depends what he has been eating. Sometimes it’s like vinegar martini chased w/a lemon and Bailey’s Irish Creme (minus the mint).”

—Name Withheld

32. Warm snot.

“Warm snot is not to my liking especially when it’s someone else’s.”

—Tysta Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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