25 Married People On The Unexpected Snags You Need To Watch Out For On Your Wedding Day

Flickr / Llima Orosa
Flickr / Llima Orosa
Found on AskReddit.

1. Expect your mother-in-law to behave badly.

“Expect your mother-in-law to behave badly.”

2. Watch out for drunk relatives.

“You will have drunk relatives at your wedding. It will be awkward, and it will most likely cause a scene. If you don’t serve alcohol, you will probably still have a drunk relative at your wedding.”

3. Don’t invite your asshole brother.

“Your brother being late to the reception, meaning your wife, who you have not yet been allowed to see, having to sit for 30 minutes in a cupboard as she was only supposed to be in for 2 minutes before the ceremony began. Same brother almost throwing himself off a large hill trying to get a good photo of the town below, but unfortunately just badly injuring his leg. Having to ask the restaurant owners to eject same brother from the family meal the next day due to starting a fight with your mother.”

4. Watch out for narcissistic relatives.

“You will always have one person who wants it all to be about them and not be the bride. My wife’s sisters both made sure everyone knew what their (the sisters’) kids were doing at every point during the whole thing like it was the children’s day and not my wife and my day. Never saw them as narcissistic before, but that day was eye-opening.”

5. Watch out for relatives bawling like their lives are over.

“Crying. I thought it was the happiest day of my life and I had to deal with consoling my mother, my sister and my best friend, all bawling like their lives were over. Ruined some of the pictures, too.”

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