25 Women Reveal The Most Extreme Thing They Ever Did To Force A Creepy Guy To Leave Them Alone

Flickr / Petras Gagilas
Flickr / Petras Gagilas
Found on AskReddit.

1. I vomited on him.

“I once told a guy at a party that his personality was so disgusting it made me want to vomit. He didn’t believe me and continued to hit on me. So I voluntarily vomited on him just to get my point across.”

2. I ripped a big fart as loud as I could. He left when he smelled it!

“This guy at the coffee shop wouldn’t stop asking me for my number so I just ripped a big fart as loud as I could. He left when he smelled it!”

3. I peed all over my pants when he tried raping me.

“Okay this is heavy and I’ve never told anyone because it makes me feel ridiculous…Anyway. I was at a party in college, out at this girl’s house in the middle of nowhere and everyone was drinking. I had too much and needed fresh air and to grab my purse so I went out and sat behind my car. This guy came out and sat next to me. He was in my English class so I knew him but we never really talked. Long story short he hit on me, I rejected him, and he flipped shit and forced me into my back seat to try to rape me. I was parked far enough away and in the dark so no one saw and he had my mouth covered and all my drunk brain could think was that awful advice of ‘pee yourself and your attacker will be grossed out and leave.’ So I did. And he had his hand forced down my pants so it got all over his hand. He was pretty grossed out. Slapped me with the pee hand, called me a ‘sick b*tch,’ and left. I was too embarrassed to go back in covered in piss so I just left. I drove home drunk and ashamed and crying. Luckily I made it there safe. I took a shower and laughed at myself and cried. So yeah probably the farthest I’ve gone to get rid of a guy….”

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