Nightmare Neighbors: 25 People Share Their Horrifying Tales

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1. The scum bastard who raped his three-year-old daughter while his friends shot up and watched.

“We lived in an old mill house, converted into about three stories of flats. We were in the Loft/Attic conversion and it easily my favorite flat in the world.

The main door led straight outside so we didn’t have to deal with a close and the staircase was wrought iron.

Downstairs we had the most ridiculously stereotyped Scottish junkies. They were shooting up constantly, they had four kids in a tiny one-bedroom flat. They were abusive towards each other, constant shouting and screaming, banging on walls and stuff.

They would wake us up at 3am having loud ass parties with their junkie friends.

One night I finished a stock take at my work and didn’t get home til 4am, I walked up the stairs and as I passed their door I heard the worst noise in the world.

As someone that was then training to be a teacher this honestly had me crying like a baby.

I heard a little girl screaming, literally fucking screaming for her dad to stop hurting her. She was crying and begging and it tore me apart.

I called the [olice (which we had done before for noise reasons) and told them that it sounded like a small child was being beaten and raped and if they didn’t get here within 10 minutes myself and my husband would deal with it.

Three cars and a riot van and a social worker showed up within 5 minutes and I was waiting outside for them.

The scum bastard was raping his three-year-old daughter while his friends shot up and watched. The social worker let me hug the little girl while they got everyone situated.. she was tiny, this little teeny bundle wrapped up in a blanket sobbing in my lap. It ruined me; I couldn’t sleep properly for months.
They were arrested, the kids sent away and I never knew what happened after that, they never came back, we left 6 months later.”

2. The one who faked cancer.

“My mom had this neighbor who pretended to be weak from cancer/chemo so her landlord couldn’t get mad at her for when trash bins were full and lawn was filthy. She even went as far as shaving her head and faking a limp, cane and everything. Mom baked her some cookies and offered to take care of her bins and lawn, neighbor spills about her scam. My mom, now enlightened about my neighbor’s The Fault in our Stars bullshit and tired of the trash blowing into our yard, called the landlord. Neighbor wasn’t happy and would blast music at ungodly hours of the night/wee morning to get back at my mom. Mom would get frustrated because she worked late and left early, filed noise complaint to police. Police arrive, neighbor claims my mom (old little Asian lady) punched her in the chest. Neighbor wants her arrested, mom shows cops our security cam footage, no mom punching, instead finds crazy neighbor kicking her 9-year-old daughter out in the middle of the night. 9-year-old is banging on her door, my mom comes out to check on noise, tries to bring hysterical girl inside (it’s like 2am), neighbor comes out and sprays her with the hose. Neighbor taken away, daughter sent to live with dad.”

3. The one who strangled my kitten and dumped it in the driveway.

“One of my neighbors wrung the neck of my kitten and dumped its body in the driveway.

I was never fully sure which neighbor it was, and I feel very guilty that I didn’t check on it when I heard its cry—I thought it was just fighting with its sibling over food or something.”

4. The one who tried to kill my dog.

“They tried to kill my dog because it was a ‘death dog.’ She was a white lab and very sweet.

We had a large, fenced-in backyard. My dog wasn’t terribly loud. She wasn’t aggressive at all. She was just the size of a lab and my neighbors, specifically the wife, thought that made her evil. They called the cops more than once saying my dog was terrorizing the neighborhood. The cops came, met the dog, and we explained that she was always in her yard. They left saying just make sure she stays in the yard. Well, neighbor called two more times to complain and eventually they went and spoke with her about her ludicrous complaints.

Here is when she started taking matters into her own hands. We noticed our dog was getting sick a lot. Like, really sick. We took her to the vet and the vet said we needed to stop feeding her human food that could be bad for dogs. We had NO CLUE what she was talking about. We went back home and decided to keep a closer eye on her. Turns out our neighbor had been dumping all manner of vile things over our fence. Food scraps, mop water, and god knows what else. We went and spoke with her about this and she denied it. Finally we caught the bitch on video and made sure she saw us recording her.

Later that night the husband comes over and apologizes for his wife and begs us not to call the cops. He promises he’ll ensure our dog is left alone. We agreed but said if anything happened to our dog again, we would press charges.

Thankfully she stopped coming after our dog. She moved on to our landscaping. She climbed over the fence more than once to trim (read hack and destroy) our hedges and a few saplings. She even went and pulled all the flowers out of our flowerbed that we had just planted. We went and spoke with her husband as he was the saner of the two. Same conversation as with our dog.

There were more random things that we could never prove. Eventually she fell very ill and passed. Her husband was like a different person. Invited us over for barbecues and all. Eventually even got himself a little dog.

We were always a little suspicious that she was not all there/may have suffered from some mental illness which is one of the reasons we worked with the husband and didn’t press charges immediately.”

5. The one who cut his dick and balls off, stuck his dick in his own mouth, held his balls in his hands, and walked around the building until someone called the police.

“My downstairs neighbor was always kind of crazy. He would pound on our door in the middle of the night and try to pay rent because my mom worked in the leasing office. Just odd stuff like that. Well, one day my mom picked me up from grade school and told me that we were going to go to counseling because she had to tell me something.

We get to her therapist and she says: ‘Hey, our downstairs neighbor mutilated himself and walked around the building.’ I found out later that he had cut his dick and balls off, stuck his dick in his own mouth, held his balls in his hands, and walked around the building until someone called the police.

I stayed up all night watching HAZMAT clean up from my bedroom window. My mom had to survey the apartment for damages the next day because she worked for the complex.”

6. The one who had a heart attack while smoking meth in bed and the pipe set his sheets on fire.

“This guy I used to live next to got a divorce and his ex-wife moved out (I think she left him for another guy) about six months before I moved in. He got involved with meth and hookers, and he started letting girls and dealers work out of his house. His property went to shit, there were constantly shady folks around, I kept finding used condoms in the gravel/dirt shoulder we had instead of sidewalks. The police started showing up constantly as other neighbors called in the shit they were doing there.

After about two years of this bullshit, the house caught fire and the dude died. Apparently he had a heart attack while smoking meth in bed and the pipe set his sheets on fire. The house didn’t burn down, but it was gutted and condemned, and things got quiet after that–and then my landlord decided to jack the rent beyond what I could pay. I’m 100% she evicted me illegally, but I didn’t have the money for a lawyer to fight it.”

7. The one who falsified evidence against us in court and then died of an OD.

“When I was a kid we lived next door to an awesome dude and his wife. One day, they moved out due to losing the house to the bank. Next thing we know, a skeezy trucker (I know not all truckers are bad, I was one) who would routinely fight with his wife on the front yard. They built a fence all the way around the property immediately. Fast-forward a few years of antics and shenanigans by these people, we get a knock on the door. My father was arrested for destruction of private property because they said we hit their fence with stuff and broke it.

Now this is where the story gets good. In court, they presented blatant pictures of a completely different fence as evidence. My father had pictures of their fence, and the judge sent the sheriff out to take his own pictures. They were found in contempt of court for cussing the judge and falsifying evidence and got arrested on the spot for threatening a judge. Dad immediately sold the house and we moved out, but he got the last laugh as he sold the house to the bailiff of the court they were in. So now his next-door neighbor is the man who arrested him. He died of an overdose shortly thereafter, and they lost the house to the bank after he was gone. Neighbors from hell.”

On top of all that, the house is falling apart and the lawn is overgrown. They even have broken down cars resting on cinder blocks. I am so glad I don’t live with my parents anymore…”

8. The one who had 30 cats in her apartment.

“In an apartment. This lady lived on the third floor. She must have let her cat piss everywhere because the entire building reeked like cat piss. The smell entered my apartment frequently. When I passed her in the hallway I would have to hold my breath because she smelled so bad. I dealt with this for 2 years with multiple complaints to the office until I eventually called animal control. Turns out she had 30 cats in her apartment.

The smell was so bad that on a windy day people from other buildings within the complex could smell it. Sometimes it would smell like the cat was pissing in my own apartment.

Animal control took all of her cats away….

The maintenance guys had to put on masks and rip the carpet up and seal the wood under it amongst many other things they had to do to make the apartment livable for other renters.”

9. The one who constantly played shitty German house music at four in the morning.

“I had a neighbor who would bring women back every weekend. Usually it was cool. I’d hear the bed squeak for 20 seconds, stop, silence, and then laughing. I’m not the jealous type in any way, but when he constantly played shitty German house music at four in the morning, I started getting pissed. After talking to him about it, he essentially told me to fuck off. So the next time it happened, I YouTubed ‘babies crying’ and put it on full blast through my speaker, which I had sat up against the wall. Needless to say, it stopped after that.”

10. The ones who left boards with nails behind our tires and shit.

“Seemingly nice couple and their kids move in and they are okay at first.

Kids were kinda annoying, but they were like 6 and 9 so the rest of us on the block ignored it, we were all between the ages of 13 to 16. The kids began screaming profanities at us and throwing stuff. We just started avoiding them because they were nuts. So they told their mom that we were being mean. We then learned that she was fucking crazy and would ride her bike up and down the street telling parents what their children had done wrong to their boys (mostly lies, but some truth). None of the parents would take her serious and she was told to fuck off many times.

We had an empty lot on the street where we would dig tunnels and build paintball fields. Every single morning we would find everything destroyed on the field. We’d find suspicious attempts at traps made and all kinds of shit. Boards with nails laid behind my neighbors’ tires and shit. I’m certain the mom was sending her kids out on missions to get back at us and the parents.

The unprovable damage when on for about a year. Peace returned when she moved and then we all grew up.”

11. The kid who wasn’t ‘right in the head’ and poisoned our cats.

“Was living next to a foster home that had tons of boys living in it….Found out my mom had allergies to our cats Rat and Trixie so we let them outside and everything was fine for like 6 months. I’d go outside every morning, call their names and feed them and spend some time with them before heading off to school. Then one day my cat Rat doesn’t show up after calling for her, but Trixie does. I don’t think too much of it; she’s probably out doing cat things. I go to my aunt’s house for the weekend to study with my cousin… Come back home and still no sign of Rat. I start calling her name around the neighborhood, and asking around if anyone’s seen her. Nope, no sign of her. Meanwhile, Trixie is suffering from seizures all of a sudden. We get them under control and keep her inside to keep an eye on her because she was still like…lethargic.

Flash-forward about 2 weeks later. I had basically got the thought maybe someone either ran Rat over or took a liking to her and kept her for themselves as she was a super smart and loveable cat… Cue knock on the door. My dad opens the door to a young boy holding a plastic bag with you guessed it…. Rat inside of it. He said she was in their hedges and he had a feeling he knew what happened to her. They had gotten a new foster kid who he said ‘wasn’t right in the head’ and had a gut feeling he had something to do with it. My dad thanks the kid, but goes over and talks to the head of the house about it because he also had noticed someone ‘accidentally threw a fish over the fence’ a few days before and our dogs were almost gonna go for it. Apparently that kid had been causing a lot of trouble for them and was known to poison animals. :/ Sad to say Trixie didn’t make it out ok either…. Bastard-ass kid.”

12. The junkie who stalked me and my roommate.

“He stalked my roommate and I.

From the get-go, day 1 when he first moved in and we met him both of us had super bad vibes. No reason for it at the time but our gut feeling said he was no good. And then literally for over an entire year almost every time we went out the door he’d come out to our house to try to ‘hang out’. We couldn’t even walk across the road to check our mail in peace. Then he’d walk up the road and stand in front of our house staring or pace in front of it in the road. Then he started knocking on our door in the middle of the night (we never answered as we in no way wanted him in our house ever but especially not at midnight, and only knew it was him because we confronted him later and he admitted it). We’d go out together and get home and he’d be sitting in a chair in our yard like it was his house. And then he started showing up at stores and other places we were at in town and try to follow us around there.

It was fucking ridiculous and we went through this shit for over a year, got to the point that we hated even going outside and couldn’t hang out in our own yard because we just felt like we were being watched and were just counting down the seconds until he popped up because he always popped up. Complained to our landlord multiple times, he warned our neighbor multiple times, and it still continued and probably would still be continuing even now if the dude hadn’t gotten behind in his rent and been kicked out which happened late last year.

He fucked up the house he was renting so much that it’s been getting renovated for months (there were holes in the walls, the floors torn up, and according to the landlord, like hundreds of empty liquor bottles, burnt foil, used needles, and all sorts of shit up in the house) and we’re supposed to be getting our next neighbor moving in sometime soon and we’re just fucking dreading it so much. This guy was the worst but previous to him we also had just a string of crap neighbors. We’ve both agreed that if this next one turns out to be just as shitty or worse we’re moving somewhere else. :/”

13. The vile individual who left her apartment packed full of all kinds of shit and filth.

“A lady moved in and LIED that her dog was a ‘service dog’ because these apartments did not allow dogs or cats but can’t deny a service animal. This dog was no service dog, it didn’t even have basic obedience training and she would turn it loose all day long in the communal gated courtyard, never cleaned up after it and it was annoying as fuck because it would (playfully) chase everyone and harass everyone because it was starved for attention. She got tons of complaints, but because she kept claiming it was a service animal, there was nothing to be done. She eventually got evicted after getting a second dog she let run feral and shit everywhere too (which she never cleaned) because obviously no one has 2 ‘service animals’ that are literally never inside with the person. Landlord found out when she left she was also one of those hoarder people and left her apartment packed full of all kinds of shit and filth, including bags of clothes she had been stealing at night from those charity donation bins they set up in parking lots. She was just a vile individual.”

14. The one who had this subwoofer that was louder than the Horn of Hammerhand.

“Had this dude next door, our bedrooms shared the same wall. He had this subwoofer that was louder than the Horn of Hammerhand. Guy would listen to strictly heavy beats. I hope he’s in a ditch somewhere, naked with no other earthly possessions except for that subwoofer.”

15. The ones who kidnapped our dog and gave it to an animal shelter.

“We have a beautiful pit bull/boxer mix that was stolen out of our back yard by our neighbors and given to a shelter for pit bulls. We looked for our dog for WEEKS, all day and night. Just as we were about to give up, my mom checked local adoption ads and found our dog. The shelter she was given to was literally a block away from our house and they informed us of the people who brought her there, who turned out to be our neighbors. So we got our dog back and the neighbors continued to try to get our dog taken away from us by calling the police for animal abuse multiple times, even when we were playing with her in our own backyard and very obviously loved her.”

16. The one who’d spend all weekend blasting rock music and singing along.

“Fucking Jay. Lived across from me and he’d spend all weekend blasting rock music and singing along. This would go on all day and all night.

He was a drunk, so while blasting his music, he’d be drinking. And then he’d start coming out into the hallway and screaming at other tenants for perceived wrongs, like not giving him a fucking toonie for something or other. I called the cops on him twice and complained to the landlord at least a dozen times, and absolutely nothing was done about it.

Eventually I found a new apartment in another city and when my landlord tried to tell me I’d have to pay for 2 months instead of the 1-month notice I’d given, I sent him a long e-mail (with my dad’s help) about how nothing in the apartment was up to code and he’d ignored my requests for him to deal with Jay, so did he really want to press the issue with me? Turns out he did not.”

17. The one who held loud parties every night until 7AM.

“We had a noisy neighbor for a while. The guy liked having parties. Once or twice week we could handle, but he started having them more often. Then one week he decided to have loud parties every night which wouldn’t have been much of an issue, but he liked having them in his bedroom and kept his music blasting and his friends making a racket until 6/7AM. I couldn’t sleep through his crap and for a week straight I had no real sleep apart from that hour lull between 7 and 8AM. I was getting in trouble at work for being exhausted when it wasn’t my fault. After a few days of this and getting nowhere with him we wrote a letter and posted it through his door just before the time his mum gets home. Turns out it all went quiet at 7 because that’s the time she got home. She found the note on the floor and read it. I was happy to be woken up by her screaming at him. If he had been smart and kept his parties downstairs everything would have been fine and we even stated it in the letter we sent them.”

18. The Klansmen who lived next door.

“One of my friend’s neighbors are absolutely bat-shit crazy and are racist, white supremacist. My friends are Muslim and Pakistani so their neighbors are always looking for excuses for calling the police on them. One of the most memorable stories was when their eldest son, who was fourteen at the time, broke his leg at school and could not walk. His dad was on a business trip so only his mother had to bring him home from the ER and help him in. Given that he was over 6 feet tall and weighed over 200 pounds, this was much harder than it seemed for his barely 5’5″ mother. To make it easier to help him in, she parked the car on the lawn right in front of the door so she wouldn’t have to drag him across the sidewalk. All of this seemed too shady for the neighbors and instead of using their eyes or just asking, they called the police for suspicious activity. So now the poor mom had to deal with her broken son and the police showing up at her door to investigate. Along with this instance, the neighbors call the police on them whenever they have a party, even though their parties have no music, no drinking, or anything to warrant the police. But every weekend they blast music themselves and rowdy backyard parties. Because of them, my friends are looking to move.”

19. The one who threatened neighbors with a machete.

A few years ago I lived across from this body builder and his wife. I use the term loosely. He was a steroid user and very likely a wife beater. His wife wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone unless he was there to supervise.

We were in an estate of duplexes.

He for some reason took a strong disliking to me, I’m not sure why. He eventually put a camera in his window to watch me and my mate if we stood outside to have a beer at night.

He was the kind of guy that was too lazy to mow his tony lawn so he concreted over it and left his large Rottweiler to sit in the hot sun all day with no coverage. Me and my mate had to lean over the fence one day in the hot sun and blast him with the hose to keep him alive.

He used to park us in with his horrid black Hulix then whinge when cars weren’t parked where he liked them

Anyway this bloke has gone on the threaten us, threaten another neighbor with a machete, try to stare me down whilst moving to another house and many other problems.

I still own the duplex (half with my in-laws) and he has gone on to threaten the current tenants and other neighbors.

Russell, you’re a cunt.”

20. The ones who encourage their dogs to shit on our lawn.

“My neighbor has 3 dogs, which they let outside twice a day to poop. The dogs are friendly and not very loud…except they always shit on our lawn. My husband and I have actually seen our neighbors encourage their dogs to use our lawn…they physically lead the dogs to our lawn or discourage them from going on their lawn, etc.

I finally had enough so I got my garden trowel and flicked all their dogs’ shit onto their lawn. Today my husband went outside to mow the lawn and caught the neighbor encouraging their dogs to go onto our lawn. The neighbor acted like nothing was wrong, but quickly called the dogs back.”

21. The super-religious neighbors who forced me to pretend I’m a Satanist.

“I have SUPER-religious neighbors. They hang signs for the local church camp on their property, etc. They kept putting out garbage cans in our driveway. While it was stupid and annoying it became more and more aggressive, they would trespass on my property and do damage to my house. But I could never catch them in the act.

So I did the only thing a sane person would do, I put on my velvet ritual cloak and made a show of putting a salt circle around my property, chanting and carrying on.

Never bothered me again.”

22. The one who set up a bunch of security cameras all aimed at our house.

“When I was a kid our neighbor built this giant deck on his house that actually went over our fence. We ended up having to go to the city to force him to make it smaller. We went to a family reunion shortly after, and when we came back he had a sign on his fence facing our front door that said ‘peekaboo I see you,’ and he had set up a bunch of security cameras on his house that all were all aimed at our house. We pretty much just avoided him from then on until my parents divorced and sold that house.”

23. The one who stole sheep from my farm.

“I live on a farm and we had one guy who was a real prick. He was known to have definitely stolen sheep from us, in some cases he had shorn the wool off them, sold it and returned the sheep and sometimes eating the sheep we suspect. He demanded that we front the bill to fix the fence despite it being between our two properties and refusing to split the costs. He also had someone else’s bull jump into his property, used it to service his cattle for two years and when the owner tracked it down the bastard demanded to be paid the agistment costs or he wouldn’t return it. He had a house on the property that he rented to his farmhand and the farmhand found him in there one day going through his things and telling him he wasn’t allowed to leave the property under any circumstances while under his employ. The guy quit straight after that and wanted to work for us.”

24. The one who lets her kids have parties.

“My neighbor across the road at the moment is this typical disgusting obese white trash Australian single mum.

All day long she screams at her kids in this high pitched voice similar to a banshee, telling them they are ‘fucking stupid little shits.’ And speaking of the kids, they recently got a motorbike that she lets them race up and down the street all day and literally all night, I have heard them absolutely charging down the road on this thing at eleven at night.

She’s so lazy she drives across the road to her parents’ house which, lucky for me, is right next to my fucking house so I have to listen to her voice thru the paper-thin walls of the duplex we share.

She lets her kids have parties so there’s always drunk fifteen-year-olds playing shit music and being little cunts ’till god knows when.

I’m moving in two weeks simply because I can’t stand to hear her rank voice and watch her plod around her garden like a fat gnome.”

25. The old woman who despised children.

“When my siblings are I were young, we used to have a neighbor that apparently despised children. She was pretty old and lived alone from what I could remember.

If we were outside playing, she would have a tantrum and yell abuse at us. Eventually she started throwing stuff over the fence, and at one point she threw a brick. I went inside and told my mum, who then proceeded to storm over to the woman’s house. She made us all stay inside so I’m not entirely sure what she said or did, but our neighbor moved out in less than a week.

I think my mother might be a secret badass, because I’ve never seen her do a single aggressive thing in her life.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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