100 Things All Women Need To Know About Men (According to 100 Men)

100 Things All Women Need To Know About Men (According to 100 Men)

91. Guys like being the little spoon sometimes, too.

“Guys like being the little spoon sometimes, too.”

92. Our legs are a Venus flytrap for our dicks.

“When we’re spreading our legs, it’s most likely because our balls are uncomfortable. Side note, our legs are a Venus flytrap for our dicks.”

93. We don’t get tired of your boobs.

“We don’t get tired of your boobs. It’s a joy to see them literally every time. The same with touching them. You might not understand it…frankly, I don’t think we do, either. But for straight men, boobs are the physical embodiment of joy. I’ve been with my SO for almost a decade and my eyes still up light every time. I’m not a very emotive person, but she’s noted my look of genuine happiness when I see them.”

94. Don’t assume that we wanna cheat on you with our female friends.

“Two things:
1. Unless you have a specific reason, don’t assume that we wanna cheat on you with our female friends. It can be a little insulting.
2. Men are very literal. If we tell you we love you or that you’re beautiful, we tend to mean exactly that.”

95. Even if you hit us playfully, it still hurts.

“Just because a man is physically bigger than you doesn’t mean that punching, kicking, or slapping him doesn’t hurt—even if it’s done playfully. We aren’t trees or rocks. Pain still hurts.”

96. I’m not obligated to still be as attracted to you if you get fat and unhealthy.

“I’m not obligated to still be as attracted to you if you get fat and unhealthy. I feel this goes both ways.”

97. When we break up, please keep the jewelry we gave you.

“When a breakup does happen don’t go trying to give back things we gave to you e.g., jewelry, etc.
A) we find it hurtful, like there is no sentimental value to our time together.
B) what am I gonna do with girls’ jewelry/stuff?
C) it may just end up coming across like you are trying to intentionally cause us pain by giving such things back, like a reminder of your existence.”

98. The older we get, the less time we’re willing to spend “chasing” you.

“The older we get, the less time we’re willing to spend ‘chasing’ you. If I’m interested, and you’re interested, there should be no reason for you to still be playing hard to get and taking longer than two requests for your time to agree to a date. Either commit or tell me you’re not interested. I’m 30. Dating at this age consists of ‘Are we doing this or not? I got shit to do.’”

99. If you bring us problems, we will offer solutions.

“If you bring us problems, we will offer solutions. That is our way of showing that we have listened and that we care.”

100. We don’t run the world.

“There is a mountain of men that are really struggling. We don’t run the world. In fact, a very large percentage of us will kill ourselves. 79% of suicides are males (US). White males represent 70% of suicides overall.

And yet, not a single candidate seems to be expressing any desire to combat any of this. As have no candidates in decades.

The Men’s Rights movement is something that seems to piss off a lot of people. But this is one of our biggest concerns. Personally, I get very upset when I hear economically debunked wage gap lies perpetrated repeatedly, year-after-year. Wage gap. #HeForShe. #BringBackOurGirls. Mansplaining. Manspreading. Alarming rate of suicide in males? Crickets. Massively disproportionate rates of violent crime? BORING. Schoolboys being burned alive or forced into being child soldiers? #BringBackOurBoys? HA! More like #BringBackMyKardashians, am I right!?

There is a vast lack of perspective missing from today’s social justice warriors, corrupt politicians, and ideologues. Men are struggling. Boys are struggling. Worldwide, even.


In the past week, the woman who once claimed, ‘Women have always been the primary victims of war’ made another sexist plea to further denigrate the worth of male life. In spite of the FACT that women receive 63% (SIXTY-THREE PERCENT) lighter sentences than men for the same crime if they are prosecuted at ALL, Hillary Clinton feels that the criminal justice system is unfair…to women. Because putting women in prison takes them away from their families. And, obviously, men being away from their families is no big deal.

Advocates for the acknowledgement of men’s issues do not hate you, women. But I do hate every last harpy that has shouted down people (men, women, trans alike) just trying to speak about men’s struggles. I do hate the COUNTLESS ‘not-true’ feminists I see littering Twitter with continued attempts to minimize men’s issues, or proudly posting their #MaleTears selfies. I DON’T hate, but proudly champion, the amazing women that ARE trying to bring light to these issues. The kinds of women who DON’T just sit there when their friends are all joking about how men are worthless or only good for one thing (thanks, wife, for calling out double standards).

And that’s why I don’t hate women. Like most MRAs. We love women. We’ve most likely been raised by amazing women, grown up with them as siblings, dated and married them. There are mountains of you that are NOT the problem. But we need your help. We need your cooperation and insistence on fact-based politics, not gender-based. The wage gap continues to be an issue liberal candidates will espouse, in the face of economic and statistical proof to the illegitimacy of the argument, simply because a large percentage of people seem to want to hear it. There is a race, it seems, to victimhood. Who am I to judge most things, but I feel fairly confident in saying that the prevention of male suicide and homelessness deserves more of our airtime, advertising, outreach, and funding than a wage gap myth that is repeatedly debunked under the slightest bit of academic scrutiny (or at the very least, reduced to a range that is within a standard margin of error).

This simple belief will undoubtedly be met with shouts of ‘misogyny.’ I am a misogynist simply for prioritizing a concrete, factual narrative that prioritizes a life-and-death issue.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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