39 Things Men Will Just NEVER Understand About Being A Woman

34. Pulling out dry tampons

“Pulling out a dry tampon is awful!”

35. That we’re attracted to security more than looks

“That it’s totally acceptable for men to date women solely on their looks, but its awful if a woman dates a guy for his money. If you see a beautiful woman with an ugly/old rich man—it’s always the ‘gold-digging whore’ that’s judged for it. The argument is that guys can’t change what they’re attracted to. I get that. But do you know what women are attracted to? Security.”

36. That your worth as a person is based on your looks

“That from birth your value as a person was based on your looks.

That if you’re an ugly woman you’re disgusting, or invisible, or worthless, but if you’re a beautiful woman you must be a whore, or a ditz, or a trophy.

The huge adventure that is your first period. Assuming that you pooped your pants cause it looks brown, not red; having to clean it up; having to tell your mother so she can get you the supplies you need; your mother inevitably announcing it to every other relative she can find.

Being taught, either directly or through example, that sex is painful and scary and something that should be avoided at all costs until you’ve managed to wrangle a faithful man into committing to you for life.

Being taught how to avoid or fight off rapists and attackers since before you even developed a womanly body.

(Interesting story I remember from when I was 10-12: I was staying at an aunt’s house and some other relatives that I didn’t know would be coming over. She told me that if a certain male relative came into the room while I was alone, to just leave. No use of the words ‘he might rape you’ just a casual suggestion to avoid someone they had invited into their home because, ya know, he might actually try to rape me. Wat.)

From being a mod in a gaming community: Having it assumed that because I was in a staff position and female, I must be using my sex to get my position. Every single woman on any staff team had these assumptions made about her. She was only chosen because she’s a girl. She was only chosen because she’s hot. She was only chosen because she’s sexting another staff member. I’m sure this happens in the professional world, too, with people assuming that someone slept their way to the top.”

37. We aren’t taken as seriously as men

“That a woman’s word isn’t taken as seriously as a man’s. I can’t begin to count the times that I’ve been with a group of friends or coworkers and made a point and been ignored. Five minutes later a man makes the same point and everyone listens to him. Every woman has this experience.”

38. Being at the mercy of PMS

Pmsing and being aware of how irrationally angry you are and not able to do anything about it. I have nothing to be upset about, yet I am furious bursts into tears.

39. Your stinky old man dong will not turn a lesbian straight

“No, not even the testosterone-pumped manna of your stinky old man dong is going to turn a lesbian straight. No, the girl I’m dating and I are not going to kiss in front of you for your own perverted pleasure, nor join in for a threesome. and yes, we are more than just ‘special friends.’ The majority of guys I’ve met are great when it comes to same-sex female relationships, but being sexualized in scenarios from age 14 really hasn’t been a fun ride. Also, from what I’ve heard, lesbian porn is often inaccurate and nobody wants to get fingered by a pair of 5-inch acrylic talons.” TC mark


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