18 People Share Their Wild And Raunchy Tales Of Using Hookup Sites

Prepare for some weird and wild stuff.

12. Gaydar and Grindr

“I don’t know what you exotic stories you expect, but it’s actually what anyone would expect it to be for gay guys. I’ve used Craigslist and Gaydar, both years ago, and it’s worked in two ways. On Craigslist I once offered an extra concert ticket and found a guy who was to become a years-long friend. On Gaydar, I found someone to show me around a new city, we hit it off but not sexually—another friend. But I also met several guys who almost literally did not want to talk at all, just fuck. Exchanging names was too much for them. I found it tiresome after just a few times.

Then there’s Grindr. I haven’t personally used Grindr more than a few hours to see if there’d be interest, as I was/am in a committed relationship, but I’ve seen people have lots and lots of fun—just chatting/flirting, exchanging pics, hanging out and going dancing with friends, or just meeting up to fuck (or do other sexual activity). Grindr users seem more OK with themselves (at least the ones with faces in their pics) and not embarrassed or ashamed or rushed like Craigslist users were. So they’re more willing to become friends with benefits, with the amount of ‘friend’ and the amount of ‘benefit’ much more flexible. I would use it if I found myself single again.

Straight people may have drastically different results.”


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