18 People Share Their Wild And Raunchy Tales Of Using Hookup Sites

Prepare for some weird and wild stuff.

10. AdultFriendFinder three-way

“My girlfriend at the time and I signed up for an AdultFriendFinder account to look for someone to have a three-way with (MFM, no guy-on-guy). We weren’t just going for sexual attraction, though, but also looking for someone that we wouldn’t mind hanging out with someone around our own age. We couldn’t find anyone that fit our bill 100% (and anybody whose first contact with us was a dick pic was automatically out, since we had a line in our profile clearly stating we didn’t want to see dick pics), but we did find a guy who was about 10 years older who was chill and not pushy. We ended up meeting up in public, then went back to his place, hung out for a bit, then spit-roasted the fuck out of her.

It was pretty good. We all used protection, nothing went wrong. It was a lot of work just to find someone we actually felt comfortable with, though.”

11. Fetlife gangbang

“I (male) was on Fetlife, and I answered a request seeking guys for a gangbang. I got in contact with the host, he sent a picture of the girl who was super hot, then he sent me a time and an address (at a hotel). I showed up along with six other guys and we collectively banged the shit out of this hot blonde. It was actually incredible, like living out porn. She had a guy with her so she wasn’t just by herself. Everyone wore condoms and was very safe and respectful. And everyone was so friendly!

After this initial gangbang I got put on ‘The List.’ The GB organizer would send out emails when he had girls interested, with details about time, place, pictures, and what was on/off limits. Over the next six months I went to about 10 gangbangs before getting over the whole thing. That was only a fraction of the women who were actually interested in GBs, sometimes I’d get three emails a week, apparently lots of women have this fantasy. Organization is the most difficult part, you have to organize the schedules of 10 people and get a hotel reserved in a central location.”


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