18 People Share Their Wild And Raunchy Tales Of Using Hookup Sites

Prepare for some weird and wild stuff.

5. Hitting up seedy bars in bad neighborhoods feels way less filthy to me

“I tried them out. I won’t even use OKC anymore (guy). Hitting up seedy bars in bad neighborhoods feels way less filthy to me.

Every woman I’ve met online has never mentioned protection. NEVER. It makes me cringe when I think about the sheer amount of herpes on Tinder alone. I’ve had one ‘date’ rip my condom off immediately after telling me she’s not on the pill.

Even with a condom, it still feels like Russian roulette, because everyone using these sites seems to think nothing of regularly fucking strangers bareback….And unless everyone’s using condoms, you may get the joy experiencing another man’s cream pie/unholy milkshake all over your junk.

Overall, it’s been a waste of time. Lots of mediocre sex. Some sex so bad I wish I could unhave it.”

6. I went wild on PlentyOfFish

“I signed up for PlentyOfFish after I broke up with my last boyfriend and had lost a ton of weight. I was originally trying to actually meet guys to date, but it ended up turning into just a bunch of hook-ups. I met a lot of guys and had a lot of one-night stands. I also ended up with a few FWBs.

Honestly, I went wild. I don’t regret it at all because I got to have sexual experiences that I would never get to have now with my husband. It helped me improve myself in terms of sex and pleasing men, as well as myself. I also feel it helped me grow as a person. I grew too attached to some of these guys and had my heart broken a few times. I came out all right in the end, though.

Some of the guys I used to hook up with do contact me out of the blue, but I’m married and about to have a kid, so it’s really weird. I just make polite conversation and then never speak to them again lol.”


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