18 People Share Their Wild And Raunchy Tales Of Using Hookup Sites

Prepare for some weird and wild stuff.

17. White guy in the Philippines

“Used Tinder when I first moved to the Philippines. If you’re a white guy in the Philippines who is better than average attractive then you can get very very lucky. I slept with 5 girls in one week and turned down a 6th as I was too tired. I love the Philippines.”

18. Cougars on Tinder

“I hooked up on Tinder once. It was with a 44-year-old widowed nurse from Vegas. We chatted at 1pm or so and when I confirm myself as a clean, mentally stable guy with a box of rubbers, she invited me to her hotel room. When I got there, she was posing in a bathrobe and offered me a glass of wine, like the movies or something. Holy shit my heart was pounding. I know they say porno isn’t like real life and I’d say that’s true 99% of the time, but this was clearly an exception. She gave me the best hummer of my life (clearly, experience is a factor, I was 24 at the time), and she was SAVAGE in the sheets. We even had a great conversation about the Oscars (what else do people 20 years apart have in common?). 10/10, would recommend Tinder cougars.”


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