25 People Describe The Gross Habits That Make Them Think Twice About Having Sex With Their Partner

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Twenty20.com ashleyartidiello


“My boyfriend doesn’t wash his ass. You’re supposed to wash your ass, right? They teach that in first grade, right? Reading, writing, arithmetic, and washing your ass. He didn’t get the ‘wash your ass’ memo. And more than once, the stench from his rotten hole has absolutely ruined lovemaking for me. It’s to the point where every time I think of having sex with him, my nostrils recoil involuntarily. Help!”

—Valerie, 29



“His feet stink so bad, I can sometimes, no kidding, smell them from across the room. It’s hard to describe foot odor—it’s like rotten cheese mixed with rancid lemons, all of it being eaten by squirming maggots. I know that’s graphic, but Jesus Christ, his feet could kill an army. He’s so fucking hot, but the feet just kill it for me. I tried mentioning it and he got super-defensive.”

—Mona, 24



“He never clips his toenails or fingernails. Never. They’re just these yellow gnarled simian extensions on both his hands and feet. And of course there’s fingernail gunk and toe jam. We were having sex a few nights ago and everything was fine until I thought of his disgusting nails. I actually faked a seizure so he would stop.”

—Jess, 22



“He’s gorgeous and sexy and tall and successful and extreeeeeeemely well-endowed. But he snores like a goddamn crocodile. At least once a night I have to tell him to roll over and sleep on his belly. And he’ll do it—for about 15 minutes, then he’s on his back again, sucking all the air in the room in through his nose.”

—Britni, 27



“She just doesn’t wash down there, OK? I mean, at all. Plus she has a bush the size of Texas. Last time I tried going down on her, it was like I’d suddenly walked into a Greyhound station bathroom. There must have been fifty gallons of dried pee clinging to that monster bush. Am I a douche because I don’t like that she doesn’t douche? So be it. Sue me.”

—Jeff, 21



“He insists we sleep with his dog. I like his dog, don’t get me wrong. But the thing constantly emits farts that are so toxic, they could probably kill cancer cells. And sometimes when we’re doing it, the dog will jump into bed and just rip one that’s so foul it could start a house fire.”

—Sandra, 28



“Her morning breath. Ho-lee shit! What can I say about her morning breath that hasn’t been said about septic tanks? It’s like every rotten head of cabbage in the world has been squeezed through a juicer. I love her, but I can’t have sex with her in the morning because there’s this toxic green cloud billowing out of her mouth.”

—Kurt, 25



“It’s the skid marks on his underwear. You know the kind of skid marks you see on the highway after there’s been a 12-car pileup? Just disgusting brown streaks all over his underwear. I can’t get them out of my head, no matter how much I drink.”

—Yukiko, 23



“She picks her nose—often, and in broad daylight, and with no concern to her surroundings. We were having breakfast at a local diner the other morning and I looked up from my plate to see half of her fist up her nose. She’s already way insecure and sensitive so I’m afraid to bring it up. But I’m also afraid that one day she’ll pick her nose while we’re having sex and render me eternally impotent. Nobody wants that.”

—Ted, 27



“I’m going to have to get a toilet bowl installed in our bathroom that’s the size of an Olympic swimming pool, because he keeps missing the bowl and spraying his urine all over the floor and walls like a stray pitbull marking his territory. I love him, but he definitely needs some urinary training. Gross!”

—Rhonda, 31



“He reaches in, scratches his nuts, and then smells his fingers. I ask him why he smells his fingers. He says he doesn’t really know—he just likes doing it. Once he reached over and tried to get me to smell his fingers after he scratched his nuts. I didn’t speak to him for a week.”

—Brandi, 26



“She thinks it’s cute, but there’s absolutely nothing cute about snot rockets. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when someone closes one nostril and exhales as hard as possible through the other nostril so they shoot out big bloody boogers like projectile missiles. She does this on the street and in our apartment. It gets all over the carpet and is disgustingly crunchy.”

—Manny, 28



“He belches loudly and then, even worse, he laughs. When I tell him that’s gross, he laughs even harder. I married a three-year-old.”

—Ashley, 29



“He has massive, nuclear BO. He smells like a hoagie—like a barfy mix of onions and salami and cheese and hot-pepper juice. He’s absolutely stunning to look at, but I often wind up wishing I was born without a nose.”

—Anita, 22



“Bites his nails while watching Netflix and then leans over to kiss me. Dude, I don’t want you to ‘snowball’ your filthy bacteria into my mouth! Aggggh, it makes me sick just thinking about it.”

—Juliet, 27



“He does not floss. And he smiles a lot. What this means is that he’ll be leaning toward me going in for a kiss, and I can see what he’s eaten for the past three days lodged between his teeth.”

—Arin, 34



“She squeezes her blackheads on the bathroom mirror and doesn’t wipe. Our mirror is all smeared with dried pus and whatever the hell else disgusting is in a blackhead. Sometimes blood. Not exactly ladylike.”

—Arthur, 24



“He drools on the pillow. I told some of my girlfriends about this, and they think it’s cute. There’s nothing cute about saliva-stained pillows.”

—Angie, 27



“My SO is the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. But here’s the problem—he farts in his sleep. And it smells like I imagine mustard gas smelling. I know he can’t control it, but neither can I control wanting to puke every time it happens.”

—Amy, 33



“She pees in the shower—while we’re showering together. And often she pees right onto my feet. When I gently try to complain, she calls me ‘uptight.’ OK, I’m uptight, fine. Just stop peeing on my feet!”

—AJ, 26



“I’ve been with my girlfriend for over two years, and I’ve never known her to buy a new pair of panties. Instead, she just keeps wearing the same period-stained panties month in and month out. They’re not tampons—they’re panties!”

—Paul, 20



“I once accidentally caught him picking a scab off his leg and eating it. It was only once, so it’s not technically a ‘habit,’ but it’s burned in my brain forever. I don’t think I’ll ever recover from that.”

—Jamie, 19



“He makes this loud, disgusting, loogie-hocking sound before he spits, which is constantly. And when I tell him it’s repulsive, he acts like I’m the one with a problem.”

—Mo, 30



“My betrothed is the worst kisser I’ve ever kissed, and I’ve kissed a lot of guys. He aggressively shoves his tongue down my throat like he’s an attack dog seeking a criminal suspect. Like he’s raping my mouth with his tongue.”

—Shannon, 23



“My boyfriend, gotta love him, has this gross habit of cleaning his ears with a pen and then sniffing the pen. It’s gotten to the point where I never use pens anymore because I know they’re encrusted with his earwax.”

—Julie, 22 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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