27 Girls Share The Most Jaw-Droppingly Insane ‘Crazy Ex-Boyfriend’ Stories You’ve Ever Heard

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1. He shot himself in the head.

He shot himself in the head, right in front of me, in my apartment complex’s parking lot.

2. He tried jumping off a building.

He was caught by security trying to jump off a building. He said that if I didn’t get back with him that there was no point in living.

3. He stabbed his new roommate.

Ran his new roommate completely through with a samurai sword and got charged with attempted murder.

4. Called me at three am so I could hear his three-year-old crying for me.

Called me at three am so I could hear his three-year-old crying for me.

5. He raped me.

He raped me.

6. Sent me a video of him cutting himself.

Sent me a video of him cutting himself and then kept texting me that he was going to kill himself if I didn’t spend the rest of my life with him.

7. He gave me herpes, then told his friends he broke up with me because I have herpes.

Told his friends he broke up with me because I was diagnosed with herpes. He gave it to me.

8. He used to “meditate” in my yard in the middle of the night to “feel my energy.”

He used to “meditate” in my yard in the middle of the night to “feel my energy.”

9. He put 3 gallons of water in my gas tank.

He put 3 gallons of water in my gas tank while I was at work. Completely ruined my fuel system and cost me $800 to fix.

10. He told my friend he wanted to come and shoot up my school.

We had a nasty breakup. He was really abusive mentally. When he tried to hit me, that’s when I lost it and broke up with him. He started talking to one of my friends on msn saying that hate was a disease and we needed to get rid of it. He told her his dad had a gun and he wanted to come and shoot up my school. My friend got scared and showed the principal the conversation.

The cops got called and I had to, in front of my parents, tell the cops how he had been abusive to me, tried to hit me, had a seriously short fuse and even raped me at times. My mom couldn’t believe she had let this guy sleep at my place after she heard all of that. I had never seen her so upset for me.

It was a really scary ordeal for an 18-year-old to go through.

11. He drove an hour to leave an envelope in my mailbox containing a single sheet of blank paper.

Showed up unexpectedly at the mall to give me a box of chocolates and tell me about how he was considering suicide because HE broke up with ME, called me from an unknown number to beg for me back telling me how he had been planning to propose, stopped by my house (which is a good hour away from his) while I was away and left an envelope addressed to me in the mailbox, the envelope contained a single sheet of blank paper.

12. He pulled out an 8-inch kitchen knife and threatened to kill himself.

He pulled an 8-inch kitchen knife out of the cabinet and threatened to kill himself in front of me because I broke up with him and ruined his life, then trapped me in the bathroom with the knife pointed at me and stabbed holes in the door and shower curtain right next to where I was standing. I had to fight to get away and cut my hand open trying to take the knife away from him. Then I promptly got a restraining order.

I want to say there weren’t signs that this would happen but…there were signs that it would happen.

13. He offered to pay me for sex.

Asked me to have sex with him. When I said no, he said he would PAY me to. I told him I was not a hooker. At that point, he said, “Well, you kinda owe it to me.” I noped the fuck out.

14. He put a fake personals ad on Craigslist pretending I was a back-alley escort.

My ex, who was incredibly controlling and short-tempered, thought it was a good idea to post “personal ads” on Craigslist pretending to be me with my real information attached so I’d get swamped with emails from men looking for back-alley escorts.

He was an idiot to actually send me an email with the link itself bragging about it, which I quickly forwarded to my lawyer. Zing. Haven’t heard from him since.

15. He called me and said he was going to hang himself in his closet.

Called me and acted like he was going to hang himself in his closet. started making choking/gagging noises, etc. I freaked the fuck out and called his dad’s phone — no answer. Called his mom’s phone, and HE (ex) answered. His parents were in the room with him so he just started yelling, “ARE YOU DRUNK AGAIN? STOP CALLING ME WHEN YOU’RE WASTED. GET IT TOGETHER.” and hung up on me, meanwhile I thought he was legit killing himself.

He also called me at 3am and was incoherent, said he was in the middle of a cornfield in his car fucked up. I somehow managed to find him about 30 minutes away and got in his car and there was an empty bottle of pills. We started screaming and arguing and he could barely keep his eyes open. I got fed up and got out of his car and he up and drove away (he faked that whole thing, too.)

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I got back together with him 5 years later (2 years ago), and he broke it off the day I found out my little sister was dying of cancer. Said he couldn’t handle it. I haven’t spoken to him since.

16. He demanded that I reimburse him for the cost of his vasectomy.

Perhaps more WTF than actually fucked up, but mine demanded that I reimburse him for the cost of his vasectomy. Not because he was planning to get it reversed or anything, but because he claimed it was done “solely for [my] benefit.”

17. He started believing he was a vampire.

He started believing he was a vampire. I began seeing him as having a not having a terribly strong grip on reality.

18. He told my friends I was some sort of pedophile.

When we split, he told our mutual friends I was some sort of pedophile. But no one actually bothered to tell me what he was claiming I was for some months later until the damage was done.

It’s a strange pain to be demonized by people who won’t tell you what their problem is.

19. He’d knock on my front door every full moon.

My ex was a lunatic. Probably still is. The very definition of a lunatic. He was a classic abusive arsehole and I fell for it for a while (shame) but I wised up and dumped him.

Then he started coming over, knocking on the door (ground floor so right at the sitting room window) and trying to get me to let him and talk to him. I got paranoid and had my blinds closed a lot :( Seems like a common-or-garden type of ‘pls take me back pls’ thing, right? But after a couple of instances I realized that it was a full moon… He’d come over every few weeks…during the full moon. It got so I could predict him turning up. He also jumped me on my way home so I got the police involved. … Freak. Relentless loony freak.

I recently talked about this to an acquaintance who I knew had been to court etc. over her being stalked by her ex. I tentatively brought up the moon thing and she said “Oh yeah, mine would do that too”. It’s a thing!

20. He tattooed my name on his stomach.

Tattooed a big symbol of my name on his stomach in order to try and win me back. It didn’t work.

21. He attempted to kidnap our daughter.

My ex husband left me with £13,000 debt—he’d been using the money for bills and rent for his girlfriend instead of keeping a roof over his wife and baby daughter’s heads. Then, a while after I’d thrown him out, (and he had moved in with said girlfriend) he found out I’d started seeing someone else, and attempted to kidnap his daughter he hadn’t bothered seeing even when we were supposedly ‘together’. Police were involved, and thanks to my mum grabbing her out of the pram he didn’t get anywhere. Thankfully he has a good relationship with her now (5 years later) I put up with him in small doses (for her sake) and I’ve paid almost half the debt…

22. He kept breaking into my house and sleeping on my bedroom floor.

He continued to come over “unwelcomed” to stay the night. By come over to stay the night I mean peek in my ground level windows and eventually break in, then fall asleep on my bedroom floor. I was woken by the sound of snoring that wasn’t from my cat. Did I mention he was engaged at this point? The next day he denied doing it. Then there is the day he was waiting for me after work. Confrontation happened and I slammed his thumb in the door of his Jeep on one of his crazy nights of I want to be back with Vitani. That looked black finger good in his engagement photos. The night before his wedding he begged me to sleep with him so he could call off the wedding to “the bitch.” That didn’t happen. Uh, then there is the stalking, breaking into my Internet accounts, anything to get his fix.

23. He called my dad at midnight to tell him, “I fucked your daughter.”

I broke up with him because I was starting to sense the crazy. Afterwards, he kept calling and harassing me, he’d have his friends watch me when I was out and he’d call me and say stuff about what I was doing and question me about who I was with or talking to. He would threaten me and my family, and then one night he called my parents around midnight and told my dad “I fucked your daughter.”

24. They put him in the psych ward. He’s been there for 7 months and counting.

He told his doctors that I kept his meds from him when he left, his story was so different every time he told it they put him in the psych wing, been 7 months and he is still there. I love karma.

25. I moved to the Midwest after we broke up…so he moved there, too.

When I broke up with my ex I moved back to the Midwest from the east coast so I could be around my family and the friends I grew up with.

About six or seven months after that he ALSO moved to the Midwest to “prove how serious” he was about us getting back together. I told him that I was dating someone else and asked him many, many times not to move to the Midwest because I had moved on. He should, too. When he did move and nothing happened between us (surprise! as advertised!) he bitched me out for not previously explaining that I loved my new boyfriend. Because “I’m dating someone new. He’s great. I am not interested in seeing you anymore.” isn’t clear enough, evidently.

Bonus round: he also later blamed every mean/crazy thing he had done on a case of Lyme disease that he picked up before we started dating and discovered about a year after we broke up.

26. He smashed the bottle and put its jagged edge to my neck.

A little background. When I dated my first boyfriend, he was an asshole. He got me pregnant and didn’t want keep the baby, so he thought beating me up was the answer. I had to take myself to the hospital after he passed out in another room. I lost the baby and my ability to ever carry a baby to term. I broke up with him and never looked back.

Fast-forward to a few months later, I was walking home from work with two of my co-workers. Both are male and we just so happened to live on the same way. As I walk in to the apartment building, I see him drinking beer and smoking. He held me up against the wall, smashed the bottle and put its jagged edge to my neck. He asked me why I wasn’t answering any of his calls or messages and wanted me back. Instead of answering his questions, I begged for my life. So he kept banging me against the wall. One of the people from one of the apartments came out and he ran. Never saw him again.

27. He told our friends I was a whore and that he hoped I die in a fire.

When I was sexually assaulted and came to him in tears, he was convinced I had cheated on him. After a week of ignoring me, he finally broke up with me because I had been “ruined by another man.” He then proceeded to drag my name through the dirt amongst our circle of friends, telling them what a whore I was and how he hoped I died in a fire. Out of all of those people, only one of them bothered to ask my side of the story. I was devastated. I lost so many people that had been so formative in my life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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