25 Men Confess The One Secret They’re Terrified To Tell Their Girlfriends

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Found on AskReddit.


That I may not truly love her. Not like she does me.


That our first kiss which started our relationship was the result of me getting rejected by a girl I loved.


That I think I’m the settler and she’s the reacher.


That I’ve slept with a lot of the people we hang out with regularly…
Before we met, though.


That my first girlfriend (who was a terrible person) was better in bed than she is. Things have gotten better now, but there was a period of time I thought we were bound for divorce due to dead bedroom.


That she’s slowly killing our marriage with her selfishness.


That I’m bi and really want to get fucked by a dude.


I’m just staying with her because I love our kids more than anything.


I think about leaving all the time. I’m tired and lonely. I don’t know how much more I can take.


I told my current and first SO that I was a virgin while in reality I had had sex with 80+ prostitutes by the time I became 25.


My girlfriend checked to see if I was autistic before we first started dating. I’ve never told her how much that hurt me.


That I have a bag of adult diapers in my closet ’cause I have a huge fetish for them.


A dog’s licked peanut butter off my dick when I was young and experimenting. I think I’ll leave that one for marriage or I’ll just take it to my grave. She would eat that shit up and never let it down. ):


I love heroin opiates more than anything, including her.


The best sex I have is with her, but the best sex I ever had wasn’t with her (if that makes sense). She’s got the ribbons for numbers 2 – 100 but number 1 was with someone else.


How often I jerk off to her best friend.


That I slept with her mom about a year before we got together. I didn’t even know she had a daughter at the time. It wasn’t until a few weeks after dating that she brought me home and…. Yeah. Awkward for a while.


I got head from her older sister a week after we started dating.
I didn’t even know it was her sister to be fair, we met on whisper, talked for a couple hours, then I picked her up from work later that night. She had a cum fetish and thought it would be “hot” if I could make it spray out of her nose. I think she watched too much porn.


That I’d much rather have sex with her younger sister.


That I was seeing another woman right up until a week before I asked her to marry me.


That I have nudes of several of her friends hidden on my phone that I masturbate fairly regularly to.


That I have fooled around with her brother on numerous occasions. Typically when she’s holding out on me…he offers to play. She knows I’m bisexual, but thinks I left that lifestyle behind me. I have…except with her brother.


That I love her so much, but there is a horrible, despicable, legitimately crazy girl from my past that I love more than anyone. Ever. She’s like heroin. I know it will kill me, but it’s just so damn good. Luckily, I am strong and won’t ever go back. But that desire will always be there.


She was my second choice. I’ve come to love her more than anything in the world, but she was always my ‘backup’. I’m glad to be with her now but if she ever knew that she wasn’t my first choice she would be destroyed emotionally.


That I’m better at blowjobs than her. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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