30 Manly Men On Exactly What Makes Them Feel So Manly

Flickr / Arno roca’s eyes
Flickr / Arno roca’s eyes
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1. Fixing cars in front of the ladies.

Fixing stuff in front of the ladies. Especially if it’s something to do with a car or something.

2. My massive, full, thick, dark beard.

My massive, full, thick, dark beard. I have a great beard going. I get compliments every day just about. All my friends are jealous. It just looks good. What can I say? I got at least one thing going for me every day when I wake up and it feels good.

3. Eating ribs.

Eating ribs. It just feels primal and pre-civilization to be tearing meat from bones with your bare teeth.

4. Changing tires with power tools.

Changing tires, power tools, and changing tires with power tools.

5. Using a screwdriver.

Using a screwdriver. Even for things that don’t need a screwdriver. Like eating…

6. Cutting down trees with a chainsaw.

Cutting down trees with a chainsaw.

7. Splitting wood with an axe.

Splitting wood with an axe.

8. Working on my truck.

Working on my truck no matter how simple it is…just getting dirty and working on whatever the hell it may be feels so awesome.

9. The smell of my own manly BO.

The smell of my BO after not showering for a day or two.

10. Hanging a towel off my erection.

Hаnging а tоwеl оff оf my еrесtiоn аftеr а shоwеr.

11. When other men ask me to do tasks that are too manly for them.

When other fully grown men ask me to do something because they are either too weak or don’t know how to do said thing.

12. Eating a steak with my hands outside.

If you ever wanna feel manly, just go outside and eat a steak with your hands.

13. Making a woman laugh.

Making a woman laugh.

You’ve got to tickle their funny bone before the real boning can commence.

14. Stoically enduring pain in front of a woman.

Having something painful happen to me while a girl is watching, and then brushing it off like it’s nothing.

To provide an example, I was with a girl at a high school football game once, and I went and bought us both hot chocolate. While handing her cup over, some of it spilled over, and the boiling liquid goodness ran down my palm. Instead of screaming like a little girl—which I wanted to do—I just closed my eyes and exhaled deeply. When I reopened my eyes, a look of amazement was on her eyes.

Manliest moment ever.

15. When a girl snuggles up to me.

When the girl puts her head on my shoulder (in bed, sitting on a couch, etc.)

I feel like I’m the man that she finds the most comfort in and that makes me feel the most manly.

16. Being stripped to the waist and swinging an axe in the afternoon sun.

My family has a second property with a lot of woodlands. Wherever I’m down there, I like to grab an axe and I’ll spend a few hours felling and sectioning up a small-moderate sized tree. It makes a mess and a chainsaw would be more efficient, but goddamn if there isn’t something about being stripped to the waist and swinging an axe in the afternoon sun.

17. Fixing a flat tire for a frightened woman.

Seeing the look of fear and hopelessness as a female coworker returned into work because she had a flat tire, and how easily I was able to simply jack up her car, put on a spare, and give her instructions to keep it below highway speeds and get a fresh tomorrow. She had the look like I was superman and saved the day. I swear I could have deadlifted a house with how manly I felt as she left.

18. Carrying a woman to bed…

Carrying a woman to bed.

19. …then making her cum…

Making a woman cum.

20. …then watching her legs quiver.

After a good session of fornication, when she just lays there trying to catch her breath and with her legs quivering. It’s rare for that to happen, but nothing else makes me feel manlier.

21. Building a fire in the rain and lighting it with a match.

Building a fire in the rain and lighting it with a match.

22. Surviving stress, anger, and sadness.

Surviving the stress, anger, sadness, and all the other surroundings of many past relationships that failed and continue to fail. So keep up the good work, men, on staying alive and surviving these things.

23. Squashing spiders with my thumb.

Squashing spiders with my thumb. I live in Australia.

24. Taking care of my daughters.

Camping/hiking and living on minimal supplies in the wilderness with no bitching about how cold or uncomfortable it is.

But also being able to take care of my daughters and maintain our household when my wife is away on business or something. I know this is not the traditional definition, but I feel like a man is supposed to take care of business and do what is necessary… Again without bitching or being dramatic about everything.

So I feel pretty manly when the washer and dishwasher are both running and I am wearing a princess crown drinking imaginary tea with my pinkie extended with my 4-year-old daughter.

25. Maintaining my integrity.

I feel manly when I am able to maintain my integrity, my values, and my honor despite my own internal struggles, weaknesses, and insecurities.

26. Being successful and having others respect me.

Being on top of my game. Dominating the playing field and knowing I’m in control. Being successful and having others respect me. Knowing that I’m the best I can be. That’s what it means to be a man.

27. Keeping my cool when dealing with assholes.

Keeping my cool when dealing with assholes. I get my sense of justice from knowing that the asshole probably makes life pretty difficult for himself.

Boys can throw fists or sling words.

28. Cooking a manly breakfast.

I feel manly on most Saturday mornings all because I cook a manly breakfast. I throw a few strips of bacon into a pan and cook them up, then remove them, placing them on a paper plate next to the stove. Without cleaning said pan I chop up a few red potatoes and throw them into the bacon grease, add a lot of salt, and cook them on a medium heat for 10 minutes. Then I add about 4 eggs, steak seasoning, and chunky salsa. I crumble the bacon over the pan and mix it all up before depositing the contents into two bowls for myself and my lady friend. This is all done while Neil Young songs blare in the kitchen.

29. Enduring the loss of a loved one with dignity.

For those of you saying lifting, opening jars, your height other bullshit etc., it’s obvious that you are young and relatively carefree, which is great but hilariously naive. For me what’s made me feel manly, true manliness, not a fleeting sense of self-worth was reacting to loss of loved ones.

A guy at the gym being bigger than you fades into insignificance when you have to bury your parents/wife/son/daughter/spouse, etc. It’s how you bounce back that makes you a man….

Great if you can fix a car but can you whether true loss or the very core of your life breaking? The sad thing is nearly everyone will go through this, when you look at life this way the petty shit fades and in the end you can relate to people more and see through the bullshit quicker.

That’s makes me feel manly at least. It’s not always death that can lead you to this, but it tends to be something that is big enough to change your world significantly.

30. Not worrying about what other people think is “manly.”

I’ve chopped down a tree. I’ve killed a 600-pound boar at point-blank range with a handgun. I’ve crashed a motorcycle, fixed it with wire and tape, and gotten right back on the road. I’ve built my own 12-foot-tall trebuchet. I’ve butchered an entire 750-pound elk. I own a small piece of a distillery in Scotland. I know how to shoot, and I own a machine gun. I know how to sail a ship, ride a horse, rewind an electric motor, cure my own bacon/sausage, set my own bones, brew beer, rebuild a transmission, make a real smoked brisket, write computer software, weld, dispatch a dying pet humanely, work a riveter and bucking bar, paint a house, box, drive an 18-wheeler, and how to treat fellow humans like a gentleman.

All that said, anyone giving me grief about wanting to drink a Mai Tai or whatever can shove all that “man card” nonsense right up their ass because I just don’t really give two squirts if something is “manly” or not. I don’t care what you think is manly or not. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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