13 Girls On What Men Will Never Understand About Women

Flickr / torbakhopper
Flickr / torbakhopper
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1. Periods. End of story. PERIOD.

How bad a period can make you feel.

2. Period poops and period headaches.

Period poops and period headaches.

3. How it feels to set your boobs free at the end of the day.

The joy of taking off your bra at the end of a long day.

4. Boobies sometimes hurt, though.

The pain of running down the stairs sans bra. Boobies hurt.

5. Having to wear two sports bras at the gym so you don’t gawk at us.

Having to wear two sports bras that are fucking suffocating your chest just to do anything remotely athletic so it doesn’t look like a strip show every time you want to run on a treadmill.

6. Long hair and lip gloss on a windy day.

Long hair and lip gloss on a windy day.

7. TP in the vajayjay.

How annoying those little bits of TP that get stuck in my vajayjay are.

8. Since you didn’t explain, we still don’t understand why.

Why we use so much toilet paper.

9. Yes, it DOES take us THAT LONG to get ready.

Yes, it does take women THAT LONG to get ready. I wish all men had to try shaving like half their bodies (both legs, pubes, and underarms), washing, drying, and styling a foot of hair, and slapping on basic makeup, as the minimum that most women do. I bet they would stop complaining.

Now yes, of course, if you agreed to leave at X time and your GF/wife/friend doesn’t start getting ready until late, that’s her fault. But I get pissed off when guys just comment about how long the process takes, period. If I start getting ready an hour before we have to leave so that I can be ready on time, don’t make me feel bad because you can get ready in 10 minutes. You have hair that dries almost instantly and no need to shave even your face if you don’t feel like it. Women have a larger array of options to choose from, and yes, it’s true that we could walk around with wet hair and no makeup (and I will, if we’re not going somewhere nice and I don’t feel like doing anything), but it’s not ideal or appropriate for a lot of social situations.

10. It often feels creepy to be complimented.

How “compliments” often feel invasive and like harassment.

11. What it feels like walking to your car alone at night.

How terrifying it is to have to leave a building at night and walk to your car alone.

12. We’re jealous of your muscles.

How frustrating it can feel to know you’re physically incapable of something and you wouldn’t be if you were a man. I was trying to change my tire the other day and the lug nuts were just too tight. I threw my whole weight on them and they just didn’t budge. I had to get a man to help me. It’s frustrating that even if I work out and build strength I may never be able to loosen those lug nuts but most men could just do it easily.

13. We hate dick pics and find them sad.

Dick pics are just sad. At least boobs have some personality to them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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