12 People Share Brutally Honest (And Wildly Unpopular) Opinions

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Flickr / Jess
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1. People should hit their kids.

People need to slap their kids once in a while. Every time I see a kid reign over their parents I die a little on the inside.

2. Retarded fetuses should be aborted.

Babies born with serious mental retardation should have been aborted.

3. I shouldn’t have to be nice to “retards.”

Why the hell do I have to pretend to be nice to retards?

I’m being brutally honest when I say I hate the pressure of society to be extra nice to someone, when they probably don’t want the extra attention in the first place. And I’m not using “retards” in a way as though I hate them; I have several friends with their own set of problems. Its like bi and homo. You can refer to someone as bisexual or bi no problem, but homo can’t be used to shorten homosexual. Retard in my case just means mentally retarded.

When I say be nice to retards I mean society will hate me if I dislike a mentally challenged person even if they are a genuinely mean person. Whether or not they can help what they say or do, I can judge them for it.

4. Babies are disgusting.

Babies are little fucking disgusting life wreckers.

5. Corrupt women exploit the child-support system.

Child support needs to be overhauled. It needs to be judged on a case-by-case basis. Let’s be honest here, a lot of women lie about being on the pill and get pregnant on purpose to trap the guy. It should be a crime for women to do this. It is extortion. I’m a woman, by the way and I think men should have rights also.

6. Welfare mothers should be forced to take birth control.

I think that any mother who wants to go on welfare should be made to go on semi-permanent birth control while she is receiving welfare in order to make sure she has no more babies until she gets off the taxpayers’ dime.

7. “No Child Left Behind” policies hurt intelligent children.

I’m only speaking for America here.

I think that instead of trying to balance intelligence in schools, they should nurture the gifted. The “No child left behind” theory limits the potential of way too many children and wastes resources.

8. Fat people should lose the weight.

Fat people should get fit. I don’t give a fuck about your excuse.

9. People should be judged by their appearance.

You should definitely judge people on their outer appearance. The people who can’t do this are called autistic… Not only that but it’s how people keep safe.

I don’t go up to a man splattered in blood wearing a hockey mask and brandishing a meat cleaver despite the fact that he might just be a Canadian butcher.

10. Black people “act like fucking fools.”

Also, I feel so damn nervous around the majority of black people who are my age. You can tell by the way they act that they’d do anything to have a reason to kick your ass, even if it means acting like you were being racist when you clearly weren’t. And they wonder why people can’t stand them? They act like fucking fools. Maybe if they’d have a little sense, they wouldn’t be so hated.

11. Assisted suicide should be legal.

If you have a terminal disease, you should be allowed to die with dignity. If my father had asked me to help him die, I would have, no question.

12. Nothing is “too soon” or too taboo to be joked about.

I’m not certain if this qualifies as too controversial or if it will hold up against many of the posts here, but I find no topic to be too taboo or “too soon” to be joked about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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