8 People On When They Realized Someone They Knew Was A Psychopath

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1. “At six years old he burned down the family home on purpose to kill his father for not getting him a Star Wars toy.”

My ex said that she noticed her male cousin was off from even when he was a baby. At six years old he burned down the family home on purpose to kill his father for not getting him a Star Wars toy. It escalated from there. Cats set on fire or missing, children getting “punished” by him with odd cuts, and more. The last I heard about this was a few years ago where he had to be institutionalized.

2. “I saw the exact moment when her face changed abruptly to a fucking smirk of satisfaction.”

I don’t know if she’s been diagnosed, but I saw this girl cry in front of a teacher for a grade. When the teacher said she would take care of the situation (i.e. improve her grade), she left, crying, and I saw the exact moment when her face changed abruptly to a fucking smirk of satisfaction.

3. “I got bitch-slapped so hard you could see her wedding ring imprinted on my face for 48 hours.”

When my mom would tell my sisters and I to clean the house to look like Better Homes and Gardens. I was about 5 or 6. The house would be spotless, pillows organized a certain way, dishes put in a very specific spot in the dishwasher. If one pillow was tilted off or a fork was put in upside down, I got bitch-slapped so hard you could see her wedding ring imprinted on my face for 48 hours. Sister got her head slammed into the refrigerator for something silly. I thought my mom had broken her nose for sure. She would always lock herself in her room after this, then come out about two hours later and act like she was the most loving parent in the world. Almost confused as to what happened to us. I was petrified of her and her mood swings. Almost 24 and I refuse to see her. … Crazy runs on my mom’s side of the family.

4. “He’s never been officially diagnosed because he knows how to charm therapists but he’s a really sick, selfish man.”

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment but probably when my uncle broke my tiny space heater because he thought it’d start a fire and kill his daughter (whom he regularly beat). He’s never been officially diagnosed because he knows how to charm therapists but he’s a really sick, selfish man. Everything is about him and his needs and how we can help him and he’s the most self-entitled person I ever met. He’d spend hours on end yelling at us (my mom and brother) just because he could and there wasn’t a thing we could really do. He’s around 6’6” or 6’7” and about three hundred pounds. Just a really scary dude. He moved to Utah and joined a church a few months ago, so that’s cool. But he came down for the weekend and kinda reverted right back to a scary asshole before leaving again. … I could write a thesis on my hate for this guy.

5. “He would also say things like, ‘I have to pretend to feel emotions. I’m not like other people.’”

My father would say awful things to me, like, “You can’t ride your bike like me because you’re fat. You’re pathetic. You’ll be in a wheelchair by the time you’re 30 because you’ll be too fat to walk.” I was 9 and he’s a marathon biker. Of course I couldn’t ride like him. And sure, I was fat, so what?

Then, he would deny he ever said anything like…a minute later.

He would also say things like, “I have to pretend to feel emotions. I’m not like other people. I put on a mask so no one can see what I really am.” He also used to hurt our pets on purpose if they did something that even mildly irritated him and my mom wasn’t watching.

He said stuff like that when I was a kid and he probably thought I would forget it, but I never did. I later talked to my dad’s side of the family about it, and everyone confirmed that they had experienced the same things. My mom left him when I was little because he kept trying to control her life, and he only gave my mom half the child support money she was supposed to get just to “See how long” it would take her to notice. (Not long.) …

As an adult, I pushed away from him because he’s very manipulative. I told him if he wants to stay in my life, he’s not allowed to do anything to manipulate me and we have to be civil to each other. So far, everything’s going great. I love my dad, but I can’t be close to him anymore.

6. “He was a little cold, I suppose.”

He was just my uncle when I was growing up. I went over to his house pretty infrequently even though I loved playing with my cousins. He was a little cold, I suppose. He never tried to talk to me except one time when he invited me to learn to play chess. I remember being very impressed with how serious the game was and how nice the chessboard looked. But when I asked to go play with my cousins instead, he just said, “We are playing right now. You can leave when I am done playing.” It made me incredibly nervous.

A few years passed and I realized that I hadn’t seen him or talked to him or seen my cousins.

When I was about 16, my mom told me that the reason was because she finally told her mother that he had raped her, repeatedly, since the time she was 6 years old (he was 15 at the time). She had never told anyone but just couldn’t deny it anymore since he was spending time with me and it terrified her.

When she told my grandmother the truth, my uncle apparently did all sorts of horrible things trying to convince my grandmother to disown my mother, to extort money from her, etc. It wasn’t until his own daughter confessed that he had been abusive to her that my grandmother understood what a monster he was.

He fled to Florida 10 years ago and we haven’t heard or seen him since.

He can burn in hell.

7. “He talks openly about hurting people and animals.”

My cousin I think may be a sociopath.

Right now, I believe he is being clinically treated in a center. It really is a sad story. He is 13-14, and at first had the typical middle-child syndrome. At a young age (I think 2) his mother was convinced that he had ADD/ADHD and was put on a strong cocktail of medications, including antipsychotic medications. … I feel that it is worth mentioning, just to emphasize that he was so very little (around 2) and was already exposed to these types of medications. …

Anyways, some of the family history. The mother was a younger mother and was somewhat negligent to her children. She partied a lot, her mother watched her kiddos. The father was a deadbeat druggie user who has spent the majority of his adult life in jail. She was the kind of mother who smokes pot around her kids, has taken mushrooms and drinks in front of her kids, has rowdy friends over, etc. Of course, the middle child picks up and starts to idolize this type of party lifestyle from a young age.

To make matters worse, their mother is also quick to hit. Not like a spanking. I’ve seen her throw her 10-year-old on the couch and just thrash the poor kid while at a family gathering. I didn’t know what to do! It was so shocking, and the only thing I could do was to grab my two-year-old and leave, pronto! She was also privy to humiliating people from what I’ve been told. She verbally abused him while drunk in front of her friends because he did not want to put on one of her dresses and high heels and parade around for their amusement.

Some time goes on, and she can’t control him. He is breaking out of the house. He robbed a shop in the middle of the night and was caught abusing prescription drugs. He posts nasty sexualized statements on Facebook about nailing girls in his grade. Then one night the shit hits the fan. He is now big enough and can hit back. A struggle ensues with mother. He attacks her; cops, CPS are called. He is shipped off to rehab. After some time he is out of rehab and rebounds. He is back at home and keeps making weird comments about killing his mother and youngest sibling. He also makes weird comments about Nazis and generally seems to have no concept of right and wrong. He just doesn’t give a flying shit anymore. He talks openly about hurting people and animals.

His mother takes him to the hospital because she has no idea what to do with him. The nurse asks if he has a plan of hurting anyone, and he blankly looks her in the face and says “I don’t need a plan, I just know I can.” Apparently, he is hearing voices and they’re telling him to do bad things.

Schizophrenia runs in our family, and it is not uncommon for the symptoms to present themselves during puberty. Before these developments unraveled it seemed that we had to explain a lot as to why certain subjects were wrong, or why some comments were inappropriate. It was like he liked the shock value and the rise his behavior got from people.

Anyways, he is admitted now to a clinic to be evaluated by a forensic psychologist last I’ve heard. It makes me so sad to think about him. I am sure to a certain extent these are issues that may have always been there, but I am not convinced that if he had a better, more well-rounded upbringing that it wouldn’t have presented itself like it is now.

8. “He then stalked me for six months, tried to kill himself…”

I dated a guy with borderline personality disorder that he was not taking medication for. I didn’t notice until after we broke up for the third time and I wouldn’t take him back. He then stalked me for six months, tried to kill himself, quit his job, crashed his car, lived in a park, tried heroin, got a blowie from a dude, etc. and made sure to call to tell me as he was doing those things…

For the record, my mother was right. You should always listen to your mother. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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