39 People Reveal The Sinister Thoughts That Keep Creeping Into Their Heads


I sometimes plan my own funeral in my head and think who would be there and what they would say and whether anyone would be sad over my death.

Also, I picture every moderately attractive person I meet banging me in really dirty ways, but I feel like everyone does that.


“What if that man I passed in Walmart follows me home, kidnaps me, cuts off my fingers and toes, and rolls me down a hill in a bag of dull knives?”


If I step in front of a car and break my everything, I won’t be expected to complete all my homework and get a job….Of course, this thought is highly irrational and I’d never follow through with it, but the thought crosses my mind every time I walk that crosswalk.


Is it too late? Have you pissed your life away and now it’s just waiting on the end?


Generally doing lots of not nice things to other people. Not anything anyone should really be worried about in reality, though; just don’t go giving me unlimited power anytime in the near future.


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