39 People Reveal The Sinister Thoughts That Keep Creeping Into Their Heads

Alexander Trinitatov / (Shutterstock.com)
Alexander Trinitatov / (Shutterstock.com)
Found on AskReddit.


“I wonder what would happen if I punched that dude in the face?”


While I’m driving I think about just taking a hard right off the side of the road and wonder if I would survive.


I could, with very little effort, probably eliminate the people (and maybe even the places) that I don’t like very much.

Good thing I’m lazy.


I could run over these people and probably get a good hour lead on the cops.


“If a gunman were to come in here right now, how would I survive?”


I wonder what would be my relatives’ reaction if I kick my baby cousin in the face. I’m fucked-up.


Whenever I deal with geriatrics, and I tell them to have a wonderful day, I always whisper, “because it may be your last.”


I was sitting on the bus on my morning commute and I offered the gentleman next to me a piece of gum. He accepted, even though he had no idea who I was. So I thought about how easy it would be to make poisonous gum, hand it out to people, and have them die a slow, painful death without being a suspect.

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