14 People Share Horror Stories About Bad Roommates

8. Girls can be so mean.

Roomies would ostracize me, pretend I wasn’t there and talk shit about me. Took pleasure in seeing me miserable. Played pranks on me, then blamed me for it. Told me I was lucky to have friends like them, no one else cared. Worst year of my life. I felt worthless. Girls can be so mean.

9. Jars full of piss.

I had a roommate who got a paranoid delusional junkie pregnant and let her move in with us for free. sarcasm She was great! /sarcasm

My ex-girlfriend had a roommate who kept jars full of piss. She went into his room one day to see what the smell was and his who room was full of them.

10. She was a pig.

She was a pig:

She bragged constantly about her sex life. An endless succession of guys would parade through the living room and in to her bedroom where they had noisy sex at all hours. More than once, two brothers (twins!) were on the menu.

She would “soak” food pans for days on end, never cleaning them. I ended up getting my own cookware that I kept in my room and piled her dirty pans in a box with her name on it.

My and our other roomie’s cats got fleas. We didn’t expect her to help pay for the fumigation but she refused to let us fumigate her room and stuff. She then continued letting the cats in to her room so we kept getting re-infested. Her reason for refusing was she didn’t want her bed out of commission for any amount of time in case she “needed something to fuck on.” This last is a direct quote she yelled at me from the driveway of the house, with kids and neighbors within earshot.


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