14 People Share Horror Stories About Bad Roommates


I had the worst roommate ever my freshman year of undergrad:

He was the BIGGEST slob ever. Things he would do:

1) Leave the floor covered in his filthy clothing. Like literally 1/3 of the floor covered in clothes.

2) He threw up one time (due to sickness, not alcohol) into a large pretzel jar. I later found it about a week later under his desk when I went to get some of MY pretzels. I flipped at him about that one.

3) He would eat ALL of my food—like a pound of cheese—in a day or so. Like, you can eat my food, but just ask and don’t eat more of it than I do.

4) He NEVER took out his trash, including when it contained week old, rotting food.

5) He would NEVER leave the room to go to classes or even eat (he’d just live off of my snacks). This included on the weekends, when I’d bring a girl back.


7. Homophobic woman-beating thief who also didn’t do his dishes.

Where do I begin, I’ll just paraphrase. He beat his girlfriend, he hit other women. He hit dogs. He believed homosexuality was a disease. He believed he was too intelligent to work as a server. He openly called gay people “faggots” to their faces. He didn’t pay the bills on time. He made a pile of dishes mid January and didn’t clean them until late April. He stole.


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