14 People Share Horror Stories About Bad Roommates

4. Vegan roommate was the biggest cunt I ever knew.

Vegan roommate.

All meat had to be triple-sealed at the BOTTOM of the fridge. Cooked or not. One time we put some cooked chicken at the top, wrapped in plastic wrap IN a container. He threw out all the food in the fridge claiming it was “tainted.”

Had a house BBQ, MASSIVE grill for everyone to use. He exclaims “Where is my grill for my stuff?”. We go “oh shit sorry, here we will crowd on one side and you have the whole other side (nothing was on the grill yet)”. He said we were fucking insane and stormed off.

He never called us by our names, we were all called “blood mouth” to him.

He was the biggest cunt I ever knew and I wish him the worst. Once time we slapped his food with a piece of steak when he wasn’t home (it was cooked, we aren’t insane). Before he moved out we just tried to give him the shits, we kept a jar of pigs blood in the fridge just cause we hated him. “Oi man, that’s our blood. I need it” – “What for blood mouth?” – “For putting on my mouth”. Every time he threw it out we got a bigger jar of it, soon the bottom of the fridge was just a blood vat.

It made him move out faster, there was much rejoicing.

5. “Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, FUCKING SHIT, Chinese, Chinese.”

I had a Chinese roommate (I’m American) who spoke perfect English, and was generally a really great guy. However, he would often play League of Legends until unholy hours of the night. He was always playing with Chinese friends of his, so naturally he spoke in Chinese. But, oddly, when something bad would happen in-game, he would loudly yell English expletives. So it’d be Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, FUCKING SHIT, Chinese, Chinese.


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