125 People Reveal Their Embarrassing Crushes on Celebs, Politicians, & Cartoon Characters


I have two. Both bring me shame. When I saw Narnia I found myself very attracted to the goat/man. The other is worse…Bin Laden.


Betty White… Actually I’m not even ashamed, I just got a semi thinking of her.


Chubby Seth Rogen’s got it goin on.


I kinda hate myself for it but, man…I would pound Snooki like the fist of an angry god.


Paula Deen. Jan Brewer. Take your pick.


Danny Elfman. No matter how I look at him, I just think he’s hot. He was a musician I fell in love with for voice alone… I heard his songs before I ever saw his pictures and his voice was dead sexy to me. By the time I saw what he looked like, I was completely hooked. I’ve been told he looks creepy, and I do see that (it’s practically part of his trademark) but my brain doesn’t care x.x


Gary Sinise.I have no idea why, as he’s such a weird-looking guy. But for some reason as a teenager when I saw him in Apollo 13, I found him attractive and now I can’t not see him that way.


As a straight male. Paul Rudd.


Rosalina from the Mario series.


Kelly Osbourne. Not my best moment.

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