125 People Reveal Their Embarrassing Crushes on Celebs, Politicians, & Cartoon Characters


Pitbull, as in the music guy. He’s so sleazy but I love it


Amy Schumer. Not necessarily ashamed, but I find her beauty peculiar.


When I was younger I really wanted to fuck the shit out of Molly Shannon. Cannot describe or understand why.


When I was younger I was in love with Goliath from the show Gargoyles. I think it was his deep voice and strong calves that did it for me.


Firstly, I love my girlfriend. I love all girls but I am obsessed with Brad Pitt. Fight Club Brad especially.


I’ve been shunned many times for thinking Molly Ringwald was hot in The Breakfast Club.


Governor Rick Perry. :(


Sometimes Louie CK then he says something funny and I regret nothing.


Vladmir Putin. :( It started as a joke because I used to have a lot of Russian joke images and stuff, so my friends began to tease me for loving Putin. Then I started collecting Putin images to play along with the joke except somewhere along the way the attraction became real….


Dolores Umbridge. She’s definitely into some freaky shit.

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