125 People Reveal Their Embarrassing Crushes on Celebs, Politicians, & Cartoon Characters


….Flo from progressive commercials. I would hit dat ass so hard she would have to file a insurance claim.


Adult Simba. You know, that cartoon lion.


Huge nerd crush on Chris Pratt. I am male.


Severus Snape…holy fuck the things I would let him do to me.


Daphne from Scooby Doo, she was my first major crush as a child. I even remember coming up with a fictitious alter ego of mine which resembled Scooby Doo a lot and had some wolf characteristics and he basically had an innocent love affair with Daphne. I was basically lucid dreaming about him (or me, phrase it as you wish) lying down with Daphne and kissing. Now I realize I was into some weird shit.


As a gay man, Mitt Romney. I didn’t vote for him, but I would love a roll in the hay with him. It’s that older businessman look I like. I’m also a sucker for men with salt and pepper hair.


Sarah Palin…. Oh man she’s one crazy hot MILF, emphasis on crazy.


Missy Elliot. I cannot help myself but it’s true. My wife doesn’t understand it, either, heh.


Fictional: Lola Bunny

Non-Fictional: Patrick Stewart. I don’t know why.


Ryan Gosling. I’m a man. But I’ve never met a man not attracted to him

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