125 People Reveal Their Embarrassing Crushes on Celebs, Politicians, & Cartoon Characters

Many of us have, at one time or another, found ourselves simultaneously horny and ashamed—horny because we find someone attractive and ashamed because we realize that most of society would mock and scorn us for it.
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Peter Dinklage. s_bukley / (Shutterstock.com)


Not really ashamed of it at all but I know a lot of people give me weird looks when I tell them that Peter Dinklage is on my celeb cheat list.


The character, Mr. Bean. Ever since I was 5 (now 20 years old) I’ve had the biggest secret crush on him. I have told only 3 people about this crush so far and they all think I am a weirdo.


Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Not quite ashamed, but it also doesn’t feel quite right…


Raven from the Teen Titans. She’s animated, but damn she’s hot.


Young Joseph Stalin.


Joel from The Last of Us. His voice especially. Good. God.


Friggin’ Jillian Michaels. She can probably beat my ass—but wanna just hold her. UNTIL SHE BREAKS MY HUG…..and my arms and my heart.


Aladdin. (the animated one)


Joan Cusack—ever since I saw Addams Family Values, I’ve just loved her weird face.


Stephen Merchant—I don’t know why.

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