Is This The Sassiest Mug Shot Ever?

Wickliffe Police Department
Wickliffe Police Department

About three weeks ago, Jeremy Meeks became famous as the “Hot Felon” due to his brooding, smoky, intense, icy, glaring, wondering, wistful mug shot. You could tell by looking at him that even if he got convicted and sent to prison, he would have smelled of a high-class cologne the whole time.

Now from the beautiful city of Cleveland, OH, comes 34-year-old Angela Green, who may not be classically beautiful but is doing a beautiful job of muggin’ it up for the police photographer. Ms. Green and a male partner allegedly refused to vacate a motel room they’d been renting after their time had run out. According to police, Ms. Green “became loud and uncooperative,” an allegation that seems entirely plausible merely by looking at the photo above. For heaven’s (and Pete’s) sake, she looks loud and uncooperative even in that photo, so one imagines her being loud and uncooperative before, during, and after her arrest—and possibly for the rest of her life.

Angela Green, whether or not you are a motel freeloader, you’ve got sass, girl. And they may be able to kick you out of the motel only to lock you in a cell, but you will always have sass. You may not have class, but you have sass—so much, it’s coming out your ass. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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