25 People Reveal What Offends Them

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1. Being falsely accused.

Accusing me of something I didn’t do. Nothing will make me madder.

2. Being told I “act white.”

Saying I act white because I’ve done well in school. I get it from both sides, minorities and whites alike.

3. When people tell me that, as a minority, I should be offended.

I’m a minority and I am deeply offended when someone tries to tell me that I should be offended by something. “Oh, don’t you know that’s racist of them?” It’s almost like some people think they need to defend the poor little minority because he isn’t smart enough to be offended. If a close friend of mine makes a joke, I don’t care. I don’t need someone whispering in my ear that I should be angry.

4. When children are used as political props.

Children used as props at political events: holding signs, being made to cheer and wave. No, your 6 year-old does not support Romney. He doesn’t even know what that means. Take the facepaint and slogan T-shirt off your child and let her be a kid.

5. People who say today’s young people are the worst.

People who say that our generation is the worst (I’m 19 btw). Don’t get me wrong, our generation certainly has it’s faults. However, we are no worse than the generation before us.

6. Tumblr feminists and Red Pill douchebags.

Tumblr feminists and their male counterparts the Red Pill douchebags. Shut the fuck up and go away both of you. You are all setting back gender relations the better part of a century and pissing everyone off who doesn’t have cranio-rectal inversion syndrome.

7. Chronically late people.

I get offended when people are late and think it’s funny. My short time on this earth isn’t a fucking joke to me.

8. When people stereotype Southerners.

Over generalizations about southern people and southern culture. We aren’t all racist hicks you assholes.

9. When strangers call me “honey” or “sweetheart.”

People calling me “baby” or “sweetheart” when I do not know them.

10. When people call women “slits.”

I can’t explain it, but hearing a woman referred to as “Slit” offends me more than any other derogatory word. Bitch, whore, cunt, whatever. You shouldn’t call someone those things, but “Slit” actually makes me cringe and my stomach turn.

11. When people claim they personally know God.

When people claim to “know God” or “have a relationship with God”.

Let me clarify. I don’t want people to think this is just an angry atheist rant.

I am not the least bit offended if people attend a house of worship, and find that it gives meaning or direction to their lives, and helps them get through their week.

And I am not the least bit offended by people “reaching out” to God, or saying things like “I want to believe”.

But I believe that “knowing God” or “having a relationship with God” is something to aspire to. It’s an aim or a goal. It’s a process.

I really don’t like it when people talk about knowlege of God or a relationship with God as something that they currently “have”. It comes across as smug and complacent and a little bit self-centered or arrogant.

12. When people tell me I’m ignorant because I’m a Christian.

I’m a Christian. I hate it when people hear that and then automatically decide to tell me how blind/ignorant I am.

Newsflash idiots: some of us are logical, rational people who also happen to be religious.

Edit: People who are replying to this comment by telling me how blind/ignorant I am are MISSING THE POINT.

13. Affirmative action in academia.

Most may not agree, but affirmative action in academia is insulting and appalling. Currently applying to medical school and the same numbers that give an Asian applicant around a 20% shot of acceptance (roughly 3.7 gpa and 26 mcat) give an African American candidate almost a 75% chance of admission.

It’s only insulting because I see the most qualified candidates get turned away and although I’m not Asian I know it will impact me

14. Being told to calm down.

“Calm down.”

Well, I actually was calm before, but watch me Hulk the fuck out now!

15. When people get offended at everything.

Political correctness. People have tried so hard not to offend each other that they’ve managed to offend me.

16. Hashtag activism.

Twitter campaigns and “spreading awareness”?

Oh, your little hashtag phrase is trending? #BringBackOurGirls? #YesAllWomen? #Kony2012?


What the fuck does it do? Nothing! It does nothing!

See, the reason that the hashtag or awareness campaign even started in the first place is because bigger media already fucking reported it.


All you are doing is patting yourself on the fucking back while actually solving zero problems and affecting zero fucking change.

Do you think Boko Haram gives a fuck what’s trending on Twitter?

Do you think that will make a government get into an armed conflict because some whining first world Americans are getting all pissy?

It’s offensive that these people think changing their profile pic or copy/pasting a fucking Twitter phrase does a fucking thing.

18. Invoking Godwin’s Law.

Comparing anything to Hitler, Nazis, or the Holocaust.

19. When black people say “white boy” or “white girl.”

Black people throwing the term “white boy/girl” around. I called a black man “black boy” right after he called me “white boy”. He didnt take too kindly to it. I told him thats how I feel, stop playing the race card.

20. Being told that my very existence is oppressive.

Accusing me of being part of oppression simply by existing.
Accusing me of contributing to rape culture simply by existing.
Being a white male makes all the crazy people blame imaginary problems (okay, maybe the problems exist, but they’re not anything like what these nimrods imagine) on you.

21. Shirt-tuggers.

When people tug on my shirt. First of all, it kind of stretches the shirt, but it also is a huge pet peeve. It’s as if they’re pulling me on a leash. I find it infuriating.

22. Having moodiness mistaken for menstruation.

Being asked if I’m on my period because I happen to disagree with or dislike something someone of the opposite sex said.

23. Modern feminism.

The modern/current version of feminism. It totally trivializes real actual feminist who fought for rights and their struggle.
In a couple of years feminism will probably just be associated with entitled assholes and it will have made irreparable harm to the whole cause. Legitimate problems will get brushed aside as other entitlements.
I know it’s “probably” a problem of loud bad apples. But those loud bad apples are doing a lot of bad PR. Enough that I have to write “probably”.

24. Beard-profiling.

When people associate me having an beard with me being an religious extremist.

25. Ketchup.

People putting ketchup on the food I make for them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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