20 People Share “Uncomfortable” Truths

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Found on AskReddit.

1. Things don’t always happen for a reason.

Sorry folks but things don’t always happen for a reason. Sometimes you just get lucky, and sometimes you get dealt a shit hand.

2. Karma isn’t real.

Karma isn’t always real. Someone people fuck others over and get nothing bad done to them. Then there’s good people who are getting fucked over everyday by life.

3. Not everyone deserves to live.

There are some people that aren’t worth keeping alive.

4. Racism is normal.

Everyone is a little bit racist.

5. People are too dumb for democracy.

People are collectively too stupid for democracy to work.

6. Being fat is neither sexy nor healthy.

Being fat will never be “sexy.” Stop trying to justify an unhealthy lifestyle.

7. Love always fades and dies.

Think of any relationship.
It will end in one of three ways:
• Breakup
• Divorce
• Death
Every single relationship ends badly.

8. Not all kids have potential.

Telling kids that they can be whatever they want to be is a lie.

9. Women are the weaker sex.

Women, on average, are physically weaker than men, on average. You can’t create equality where there is none.

10. Blacks commit proportionally more crime.

More black people are involved in crime than white people.

12. The pool is filled with pee.

Almost everyone pees in the pool.

13. You are filled with poo.

Everybody has some poo in them. Always.

14. God is dead and you’re up next.

There’s no God and no afterlife – it’s just an INCREDIBLY appealing bronze age superstition that enables us to live relatively decent lives without going mad with fear when facing our oblivion.

15. Gays are promiscuous.

That a certain segment of the gay male population is extremely promiscuous, as in 100+ partners per year.

That’s why they have problems with AIDS.

16. Stereotypes are based in truth.

Most stereotypes are true a not insignificant portion of the time.

17. It’s too easy being rich.

If you were born into money, you have success handed to you on a silver platter.

18. It’s too easy to hate the rich.

It’s not ok to hate the rich for being rich.

If someone said they hated the poor for being poor you would be horrified.

Spoiled brats, nepotism and greed are sad things but a lot of the hate poured on is just envy masked as righteousness.

19. Immigration helps the rich, not the working class.

Immigration is just another one of the tools of global capitalism.

Won’t see anti-capitalist protesters ever admit that, because it’d be “uncool” and “like, way not cool”.

20. People who are always talking about “truth” are callous assholes.

That “truths” loudly and repeatedly “admitted” daily on reddit are not actually uncomfortable truths that no one wants to admit. Questions like this are just soap boxes for callous assholes. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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