I Was Once Your Lover And Now It’s No Longer Me

I Was Once Your Lover And Now It's No Longer Me
Patrick Hendry

you used to accompany me home and while we talked about

my friends or your friends or anything at all, you had

this habit of shoving your hands in your pockets and

looking away with a cheeky smile, you said you’re only like that

with people you really like, so i guess you really liked

me, and guess what, billy john, i really liked you, too

once we separated ways, a river of cars would flow

and i’d throw one last glance at you before leaving for home

as steps encouraged the distance between us you would

watch my figure disappear amongst the shadows of the busy cars

we were like that for years, and for each day something was

different, like my hair, your jeans, my accessories, your lucky charm

we were like that for years, and for each day something was

different, like your smile, my alright, your attention, my reassurance

we both knew that we were slipping away but we couldn’t let us

know because there was just too much to let go of, or perhaps

there were too many memories, but let me tell you that:

you’ve always wanted a house near the sea

waking up to the sound of the waves caressing the shore

seeing the flying travellers greet you in the morning

admiring the shining ball of joy blinding you with its glory

you used to say that my eyes were like the sea

but now you tell me that they are like the ocean

at first i was flattered, completely unaware that

it’s actually because the sea became someone else’s eyes

and the owner’s the person you always want to be near

how far is the ocean from the shore?

i saw you with a girl, across the river of flowing cars

with your head turned away and your hands in your pockets

i guess you really like her, billy john, and no longer me

this time, i was the one watching you disappear amongst the shadows Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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