9 Things You Only *Think* Will Help You Move On After A Breakup


1. Avoiding indulging in bad habits.

Think of it this way, “bad habits” are caused by emotional distress leading to the discovery of things you’ve never done before when you were fine with what you had. The concept of determining a bad habit is gone when it comes to alleviating self-frustration. Let’s do the math: negative + negative = positive. It blossoms you into something beautiful after these ‘bad habits’ teach you to handle maturity.

2. Cutting all your mutual friends with your ex out your life.

Thinking that the best way to get away with senseless jibber jabber is to create distance between the people you and your ex know mutually. Honestly, it doesn’t make anything better because it’ll add up the flame to the wick. They’re friends enough to understand, cutting people off makes it worse. You only disconnected with your ex, not your friends.

3. Getting busy.

You know what they say when you don’t see someone for a long time, you tend to miss them way more? Though you drench yourself with a lot of stuff, you’d still be thinking of him/her at the dead of night. We all change and time is an agent for change. These two are enough for you to go on. Cést la vie.

4. Closure.

Sometimes leaving things to hang makes it challenging. From there, you could find the possibilities whether you and your ex can still be together in the future or it’s really time to go. If in your discretion, closure makes everything uncomfortable, then you don’t have to push through it. Seeing your ex again for closure might just end into premature ‘I love you’s’.

5. Revamping physical beauty.

Of course it adds up the confidence level whenever you feel good about yourself but it isn’t the sole basis of saying you’ve been better. Why not focus on a new hobby, discover your other talents and potential on things, enroll on classes that will help you know more? Engulf yourself in books, write, express ideas, and socialize with people who are knowledgeable in their fields. Why choose between beauty and brains when you can have both? Smart is the new sexy.

6. Fearing falling in love again.

Actually, the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, puppy love, and crushes will all come back. It’s a matter of time. Everyone quotes F. Scott Fitzgerald on this: “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.” Keep loving what you do and the people around you then all else follows.

7. Setting a timeline.

People are different and when it comes to moving on from a past relationship, it differs as well. Some would take them years, others, in weeks. You wouldn’t know and you couldn’t dictate it. You’ll suddenly wake up and say “I’m okay”. You wouldn’t even notice the days that’ll pass when you focus on the things that concerns you the most.

8. Especially an arbitrary 3-month rule.

Seriously, this? Again? Whoever invented this is the most bitter, insecure person on earth. Time isn’t related here in any way. If you fall for someone new, so be it. If not, so be it.

9. Avoiding friendship with your ex.

Of course you can’t agree to be friends with your ex minutes after break up. Again, it’ll cost time. I’ve known people who became friends with their exes and no, it’s not because they were “never in love” or “still in love”. It was a mutual agreement to their discretion. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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