10 Life Lessons Death Taught Me

Greg Ortega
Greg Ortega

My friend died a couple of months ago. She had a car accident and was burnt to death. If you grimaced at that, you should imagine what I did when I saw a picture of her body. I was scared shitless. I couldn’t sleep for days, I had to beg someone to sleep in my room with me for weeks. I’ve gotten over the grief, but that death taught me quite a few things. And I feel it’s important everyone knows these things too.

1. Forgive, forgive and forgive

You have no idea how important it is to forgive until you realize someone who wronged you is gone forever and you can never make peace with that person, especially if she had begged for forgiveness. Believe me, you’ll feel guilty and that will make your grieve worse. Make an effort to bear no malice against anyone, because life is unpredictable.

2. When you miss someone, call them

Stop checking for who called last, trust me, that isn’t important. Don’t procrastinate that call either. When you want to speak to a friend, call her up and check on her. Stop waiting for her to call first.

3. Love hard, stop waiting for the perfect person

Love any and everyone. I can’t imagine how it would feel to die without experiencing what true love really feels like. So every chance you get, love someone.

4. Appreciate

Learn to open up your heart to the beautiful things God made and just appreciate. There is beauty everywhere you look. When you look past all the killings and hunger, you’ll see the sun and internet and hot bathe and good food. Choose to see good.

5. Work hard

My promise to myself and God is that I must leave a mark on earth before I die. And that means I have to work extra hard to live above mediocrity, so that when I die, the world would see something or somethings I left behind and always remember me for the positive change I made. That should be everyone’s aim in life, to die fulfilled.

6. Play hard

I have experienced a lot of laughter in my life, with friends and families but not enough. We should always try to create time to play with friends and family, create wonderful experiences with them so that even when you die, they’ll have more happy memories than painful ones.

7. Pray hard

To God, Allah, Buddha… whatever your faith is. Hold on tight to it. Because during hard times that faith will pull you through and give you immense strength. This faith also gives your purpose in life, makes you feel like you’re living for something.

8. Live right

So that you won’t die because of something really stupid that could have been easily avoided if you’d just: Used protection, watched what you ate, drank less, smoked less, or looked before you crossed the road…

9. Be nice

So that people will miss you and cry at your funeral. How would you feel if you look down from heaven and see only your parents at your burial?

10. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family how much they mean to you everyday.

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