10 Reasons You Should Always Put Yourself First

Ivan Karasev
Ivan Karasev

1. You came to this world alone. Even if you were a twin, someone came out first. And you will most likely leave alone, so you should enjoy yourself to the fullest not caring what anyone says.

2. When you feel pain you feel it alone. No one feels exactly what you feel at the same time, so why should any decision you make have to revolve around someone else?

3. When you put yourself first, you’re less likely to get upset, throw tantrums, fall sick or get depressed. You’ll live long.

4. If you put others first, they will use you and disrespect you and make you feel worthless.

5. When you put yourself first you’ll discover your hidden talents, you’ll explore yourself and maximize your full potential because you’ll have time for yourself.

6. Rich people always put themselves first. So stop lending and giving out money all the time when you don’t even have enough. Save the little you have.

7. When you make you your first priority, people of all caliber will be attracted to you, they’ll notice the confidence you exude. Of course some would call it arrogance but you won’t care, your number one priority is yourself so any contrary opinion can go straight to hell.

8. People who put themselves first are the ones with better boy/girl friends or husbands/wives, and they themselves make good boy/girl friends or husband/wives too.

9. When you stop working so god damn hard to please everyone and realize you should put in all that effort to make yourself happy instead, you’ll become more fulfilled and less agitated all the time.

10. The last and probably the most important reason you should always put yourself first? Because it feels so darn good!

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