This Is How You Break Your Procrastination Habit Once And For All

Annie Spratt
Annie Spratt

Procrastination AKA the I will do it later syndrome has been doing more harm than good since 1945, yet some still somehow believe procrastinating shows one is being careful. No matter how careful you think you are being, if you continually put stuff off for tomorrow, it’s a bad habit and you should be thinking of how to stop it.

Before you start dealing with procrastination you have to first realize it’s a problem and the best way to tackle any problem, is to know the possible causes and there are quite a few causes of procrastination.

  • Temperaments: Most phlegmatics and melancholics are procrastinators. They don’t see their actions as procrastinating though. To them they are analyzing, they want to know every detail before they embark on any activity for fear of mistakes.
  • Fear: This is one of the main reason a lot of people procrastinate; they want to do what they were supposed to do today, tomorrow, thinking they would have more courage the next day. Fear gives you this I can’t do it or it I can’t face it sense and you tend to back out eventually because you start believing you really can’t do it.
  • Association: The people you associate with affect you quite a lot. They influence your ability to either act urgently or act more laid back than you should.
  • Background/Environment: The type of background you were raised in and the present environment you find yourself in might also give you a sense of lemme chill for some time. You might end up postponing a chance at a life altering Job because you grew up poor and hate taking risk or because you found yourself in an unconducive environment presently.
  • Laziness: This is the number one reason a lot of people procrastinate. They are always trying to avoid doing any work hence they postpone what should be done presently.

Identifying the possible reason you’re always procrastinating will go a long way in helping you get rid of that awful habit. And once you have done that, what you need to do is:

  • Develop a Do-it-Now attitude: To get over procrastination your best bet it to start acting immediately, don’t be in a hurry but do it quickly. Doing this will help you get over the fear of failure and second guessing yourself.
  • Change your friends: If your friends are making things worse by enabling you or they are just as nonchalant as you, then it’s time to get new friends – one’s that are go-getters – so you’ll feel motivated to get a move-on on your goals.
  • Find a sponsor: I don’t mean a money sponsor, I mean emotional sponsor, you know like how AA’s have sponsors. Find someone you can talk to and let the person help you by constantly reminding you of the task you have to do or complete.

Procrastination is not a good trait. It’s crazy that saying four simple words like “I’ll do it later” can make a huge mess of things.

Constantly remind yourself; that problem won’t just disappear, if you don’t tackle it now, it might come back stronger.

That plate won’t wash it’s self, and keeping them piled up in the sink won’t make it any easier.

So do it now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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