My Co-Worker And I Just Fucked Our Brains Out At A Company Event (And We’re Both Girls)


They say everyone needs a ‘work wife’ and, I’m sorry but girls are no exception.

Karlie was absolutely, without question my favorite part of my job. When I started working for the tech start up I wasn’t really sure what it was going to be like, or if it’d even be up my alley at all. But Karlie made it so much fun, even if the job wasn’t necessarily what I saw myself doing for the rest of my life.

We just instantly clicked. We had the same dirty sense of humor, no holding back kind of personality, and just got each other. Most of my days were spent g-chating Karlie while clicking away, or mentally making notes for what to tell her at our inevitable 5:30 happy hour we hit almost every day. She was just the best.

And, naturally, it didn’t hurt that she was absolutely fucking stunning.

She was the type of girl who clearly made every girl intimidated by her good looks. She was tall, legs for days, and had this mane of honey blonde hair that even Blake Lively would have been jealous of. It was basically criminal that someone as beautiful as her also had the brains to be the intellect behind a social media start up – but there we were.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’d definitely had a crush on her that exceeded our ‘work wife’/bff relationship. But I’d also been burned many times by reading too far into my friendships with straight girls, and I wasn’t looking to lose my favorite part of this job over an awkward make out session. So every time Karlie’s hand lingered on my thigh I chalked it up to her red wine hitting her a little hard. Every time we locked eyes a little longer than normal, it was just us being super close. Every time it seemed like she thought about leaning in somewhere else when whispering my ear, that it was all in my head.

That is, until our company party the other night.

We had had a pretty ambitious goal set for the month for traffic and various internet-y things. I won’t bore you with the details – it’s all very tech of us. But regardless, it was basically insinuated that if we were to hit said goal, we’d have no CHOICE but to celebrate it. So when we all saw that two comma number flash, and heard we’d officially hit this metric, we knew it was on.

A rooftop deck was rented out for the following Friday, and we all scampered there after work with the promise of all night dancing, an open bar, and all you could eat bacon wrapped figs and other hors d’oeuvres. Karlie and I made our way to the bar where she promptly ordered two glasses of champagne, with two shots of Jameson to start.

“Oh my god, you’re TRYING to get me drunk,” I joked as I lifted my whiskey in ‘cheers’ with her.

“Of course I am,” she laughed, tossing her hair over her shoulder. “How the fuck else am I supposed to get lucky tonight?”

We clinked shot glasses before tossing back the liquor and both wincing slightly. She cheers-ed me again with her champagne this time before taking a dainty sip.

“All right,” she said, wiping any residual whiskey away from the corner of her mouth.

“Ready to get into some trouble?”

The next few hours were a blur of drinking, dancing, toasting the company and toasting being “boss ass bitches” with Karlie and our other work friends. We downed more whiskey, chasing it with bubbly we didn’t have to pay for, and just generally acted like 20-somethings celebrating getting to work on the internet in a big city. It was 100% as fun as it sounds.

In the middle of sunset, after our boss’s speech about “moving forward” and “continuing with this truly impressive momentum” that took all of 20 minutes, I felt Karlie grab my hand.

“I can tell my lipstick looks like shit, come with me,” she slurred slightly before yanking me up.

I giggled and tossed back the last of my champagne before following behind her, clinging to her hand as the alcohol made me smile bigger than usual and made my head a little fuzzy.

Once we were in the obnoxiously lavish bathroom with its sitting area and various sprays and mints laid out “just in case”, Karlie propped herself up on the counter, swinging her perfectly tanned legs.

“Oh my GOD,” she sighed, cracking her neck. “I’m sorry I just needed a second.”

I shook out my hair and flopped down on one of the soft pink sofas, rolling one of my ankles as I pulled off both my heels.

“Don’t even sweat it,” I said, hearing the smoothness from being sufficiently buzzed in my voice. “I’m glad to have a minute away from all of the crazy.”

Karlie snorted, hopping off of the counter and looking at herself in the mirror. I watched as she moved little hairs out of the way and pushed her pillowy lips together.

“Yo…” she began, almost awkwardly.

“Yo what?” I responded.

“Can I ask you a weird question?”

I rolled my eyes. “Asking if you can ask a weird question is already asking a fucking weird question, Karlie.”

She stuck out a middle finger at me in between swipes of chapstick.

“Have you like…ever thought about hooking up with anyone from the office?”

My heart stopped. I stared at her blankly, with no words.

She whirled around, a look of pure trouble on her face.


She elongated the “insult” as she made her way over to me, flopping down on the same little couch.

“Silence is a yes, spill. Spare no details,” she said, flipping those same tan, silky, irresistible legs over my lap.

I looked at my cuticles attempting to think of the perfect answer.

“I mean,” I began slowly. “Maybe there’s someone I’ve thought about as more than just a work wife,” I concluded before looking up at her from under my lashes.

Karlie laughed quietly, almost devishly, throwing her hair over her head.

“Give it up. Tell me,” she dared me.

I laughed nervously and stared up at the ceiling.

“I don’t know dude…”

She forcibly grabbed my chin, making me look at her. I felt my heart drop into my stomach my adrenaline instantly rise.

“Lo,” she said slowly. “I said give it up.” Her voice was more quiet, more purposeful.

So I leaned in.

And I kissed her.

And for some reason…she kissed me back.

Our hands were tangled up in each other’s hair, fingers getting lost as our tongues wrapped together. Her lips were just as soft as I’d always imagined. She tasted like whiskey and peppermint.

I grabbed both of her shoulders and pushed her back slightly.

“Wait…” I began. “I know I’m going to kill myself for saying this, but you know you don’t have to do this just for me…right?”

Karlie leaned forward, her teeth lightly grazing the side of my neck and sending shivers down my spine.

“I’ve been thinking about doing this for months,” she purred.

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her on top of me, her dress hiking up as she straddled over my hips. Her hands slid up my sides as we were making out pulling the straps from my top over the tops of my shoulders. Once my chest was exposed she yanked my bralette over my head, tossing it aside on the marble floor.

I gasped as she moved away from kissing me to taking one nipple in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around expertly as I guided my hands down her back, and teased the hemline of her dress with my fingertips. She firmly grabbed my wrists and pinned them over my head, breaking away from tonguing at my breasts.

“No,” she said in a husky tone I’d never heard her use before.

“I’m going to make you beg first.”

God, I was so wet after hearing her say that.

She planted another firm kiss on my mouth and undid my jeans with one hand, the other holding my hands above my head on the couch. I was throbbing, my body wanted her so bad.

I cried out and she silenced me with her mouth as I felt her finger tickle my clit. She lightly tapped, a slow smile growing across her face and she felt me squirming underneath her.

She flipped her hair over one shoulder and continued sucking on my earlobe, my neck as her fingers traced up and down, back and forth over my wet pussy. I thrusted my hips up, my body begging her to do more. She made a soft ‘come hither’ motion over me and I moaned louder, more desperate.

“Karlie,” I groaned. “Oh my god…”

She bit down on one of my hard nipples and I cried out.

“Tell me you want me,” she instructed.

“I want you,” I obeyed. “I want you so fucking bad.”

She clapped her hand over my mouth, freeing my wrists as her other hand plunged into me. I bucked against her, getting wetter and wetter as she circled inside of me with her fingers. Her thumb continued playing with my clit, and I was melting into a puddle underneath her.

“Get up, turn around,” I gasped slightly between moans and she continued getting me more turned on than I’d ever been.

She shook her head, those blonde locks shaking.

“Not until I hear you scream.”

She planted one more kiss on my mouth before sinking below my bellybutton, and kissing my lower stomach.

I clapped both hands over my mouth when I felt her tongue hit me. There’s something different about when a woman goes down on you versus a guy. A guy always has to think about it, a woman just knows.

And Karlie was no exception.

Her tongue danced across me and circled around my clit like she’d been playing with me for years. Her middle finger kept moving around inside of me, playing with my G-Spot, while she licked my most sensitive parts. She sucked on my clit and would break away every now and then to nibble at my inner thighs and look up at me and smile that same sexy smile, and then she’d dive back down and keep going, pushing in harder whenever she’d hear me moan.

I felt her push two more fingers inside of me and felt the familiar rush of heat to my chest as her tongue moved harder, more purposefully over my clit.

“Karlie,” I whimpered. “Karlie…I’m…”

“Shhhhhh,” she whisperer between licks. “Just let it happen.”

I felt my mouth gape slightly and my body go numb for a second before the familiar rush of electricity came over me.

“Oh my god,” I moaned. “Oh my god, I’m cumming…Karlie I’m cumming.”

She kept licking and sucking, her fingers pumping in and out of me as I moaned and shivered into her hands. I felt a pool underneath me and heard her giggle slightly as she collapsed on top of me and we both panted and tried to catch our breath.

I instinctually covered my chest after a few moments, suddenly incredibly aware that I was naked with one of my best friends. I’m pretty sure she caught me blushing and she giggled again, planting a kiss on my cheek.

“So…” I awkwardly began.

“So what?” she replied, almost daring me.

“Well,” I said slowly, thoughtfully.

“It’s probably going to be an HR violation if I don’t make you cum now, right?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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