21 Guys Reveal The Nastiest Sex Act That They Did With An Ex


1. “She was very into me fingering her in public. Like if we were closer than normal in a booth somewhere, there’s a solid chance I was finger-banging her. Sorry to all of my friends who went to bars with us whose girlfriends I met and shook hands with during that time. My bad.” — Kyle, 27

2. “Spontaneous anal. No clue how or why I let her go. Have you had anal on a random Tuesday? I have.” — Dalton, 24

3. “She was pretty tame except for the fact that she really got up in there when going down on me. Like this chick was not afraid of going for the grundle, licking my ass, fingering my asshole, the works. Gotta admit, it felt amazing.” — Billy, 29

4. “We had a threesome with my roommate who is a girl. Watching my girlfriend eat out another woman while I was fucking her from behind is a sight I’m literally never going to forget. God bless.” — Johnny, 26

5. “I knew she was into like, BDSM stuff but I never thought I’d fuck a girl who wanted to wear a ball gag, nipple clamps, and be totally tied up spread-eagle on a bed. But…I have.” — Rylan, 25

6. “We joined the mile high club together but not in a way you’d ‘expect.’ Instead of going to the bathroom like a civilized couple, we got a blanket and she sat on my lap and rode me until I came all over that complimentary Delta fleece. It was a red eye, no one knew. …Ok like maybe some people knew but whatever. It was awesome.” — Eli, 28

7. “Two words. Water sports. Three more words. Not for me.” — Will, 29

8. “She let me cum all over her chest while blowing me in the bathroom at her cousin’s engagement party. Then she just cleaned it off on one of their towels and we made it back in time for her uncle’s toast.” — Matt, 26

9. “She was super into the idea of public sex and like, who am I to deny someone something like that? So we fucked on several lawns of various suburban households in our college town. I’m 99.9% some dad has seen me railing my girlfriend next to his manicured hedges.” — Garrett, 27

10. “I choked her with my tie while banging her on my desk at work. Hottest thing I’ve done sexually so far.” — Nathan, 30

11. “While we were breaking up we’d have really angry, volatile breakup sex. I’m talking bite marks, scratches everywhere, she slapped me across the face a bunch, I’d yank her hair so hard I’d momentarily panic. We kind of looked like we’d been mauled by tigers after but the sex was so hot neither of us would use a safe word or anything. I miss that sex.” — Andrew, 28

12. “She loved having sex with a butt plug in. She has/had one that vibrates…and that feels crazy good.” — Jamie, 23

13. “After I would finish inside of her (we were totally committed and monogamous while doing this by the way) I would either eat her out to get her off again, or finger her to get her off again and lick myself off of my fingers while doing so. Kinda weird, but she was so into it and would always cum like a train.” — Robert, 25

14. “We went to a private sex club and I watched her get gang-banged by three guys in roughly their mid-40s (she was 22 at the time) while I jerked off in the same room. Basically I watch my girlfriend have a dick in her every possible way she could.” — Mark, 27

15. “I let her peg me. She was really turned on which turned me on more than the actual pegging. It was fine but not really my cup of tea.” — Chase, 24

16. “So the first time this ex of mine and I actually met, it was because we matched on Tinder and figured out we were in the same bar. We ended up getting pretty hammered, and fucking in the handicapped bathroom stall while other people were using the restroom. Great story, not so great relationship.” — Owen, 26

17. “She blew my boss at the company Christmas party and let me watch before fucking me in his office after he came. We don’t really talk about it — we were all pretty wasted.” — Adam, 29

18. “She was really into being dominated and humiliated, which was super out of character for her and me. I’m usually more passive, and she’s a total ball buster in her job. But once the lights were out and we were behind closed doors she’d crawl around on the floor, basically act like my little sex slave. It’s a secret that I still get hard thinking about.” — Peter, 28

19. “Ever done a Craiglist bukaki with your girlfriend as the girl? It’s about as weird as you think it’d be.” — Benjamin, 25

20. “She worked from home and would send me the DIRTIEST messages. Nudes, videos of herself masturbating, Snaps of her cleaning her house in nothing but heels, just really raunchy stuff. It would always get us both really worked up for when I’d come home and we’d have crazy sex in the living room or wherever was closest because we’d both be so horny.” — Dave, 27

21. “We filmed a video for an amateur porn site. She didn’t want it to be ‘boring’ so we used dildos, a bullet in her ass and my ass, I gave her a facial, lots of different stuff to make us seem really adventurous. It was admittedly pretty hot. I still watch it when I’m alone sometimes…though I’d never admit that to her or my current girlfriend.” — Zack, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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