19 Women Reveal The Dirtiest Thing Their Partner Has Said In Bed That Got Them Off Immediately


1. “I’m going to make you cum so hard you blackout.” — Lola, 25

2. (While he was going down on me and I was getting into it.) “Don’t move. I’m just getting started.” — Tabitha, 27

3. “You taste so fucking good.” — Elise, 24

4. “I’m going to lose it you’re so incredibly hot.” — Catherine, 23

5. “I love how loud you are. Be louder.” — Jill, 25

6. “You’re such a good girl. What can I say, I have a daddy kink. Not sorry.” — Meg, 24

7. “I can’t wait to watch you cum.” — Veronica, 28

8. “Let’s wake up the neighbors with how loud we can be.” — Olivia, 23

9. “Please cum for me. Just like that…” — Erica, 26

10. “‘Not yet. Not yet.’ He makes me wait to finish until he can look at me while I orgasm. It always makes it so much more intense.” — Tina, 27

11. “You’re going to sit on my face until I’m done with you.” — Rachel, 22

12. “Show me how you get yourself off. Then after, it’s my turn.” — Evie, 24

13. “Crawl over here. Naked. Right now.” — Natalie, 29

14. “I’m going to fill you up and then make you suck me dry and then maybe, just maybe, I’ll let you have a turn. We’re into power play – it was so hot.” — Bella, 27

15. “Which way do you want me to fuck you tonight?” — Adrienne, 28

16. “I’m going to fuck you so hard that you’ll cum until you can’t remember your own name.” — Nadia, 26

17. “You’re such a dirty little slut. You’re my dirty little slut.” — Shea, 23

18. “I don’t think I can control myself once I’m inside you.” — Mollie, 25

19. “What can I do to make you cum? Because that’s all I want to do.” — Kaitlyn, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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