All My Boyfriend Wanted For His Birthday Was To Fuck Me In Front Of A Bunch Of Strangers, So I Said Yes

Dom Jamieson
Dom Jamieson

Derrick and I were never vanilla – if that’s what you’re wondering.

We’d done our fair share of experimenting with toys, taboos, and tricks. One of our first times hooking up was in the bathroom of the bar where he worked while he was on the clock. I frequently sent (and received his own follow ups) videos of myself masturbating when I’d travel for work.

What I’m saying is, we weren’t the kind of couple who really needed to spice things up.

But when Derrick’s 25th birthday was around the corner I knew I wanted to do something…fun. He’s incredibly sexual (as am I) so I knew something spicy and sexy would be exactly what he’d want to make his b-day a truly memorable one. I racked my brain for firsts and kept saying “done it” in my head, so I was at a loss.

About a week before the big day we were laying in bed, sweaty and post-orgasm, and I brought it up.

“So your birthday…” I began.

He stretched his arms out above his head. “What about it?”

I perched myself up on his muscular chest, lightly tickling my fingers along his side.

“I was thinking it’d be fun to do something different.”

He cocked his head to one side. “Different how?”

I rested my chin on my hands and blinked slowly. “Different in whatever way you can think of, babe.”

A slow, mischievous smile grew across his face.

“Oh come on. Anything?”

I laughed softly. “Have I ever said no to you before?”

He grabbed my waist and flipped me over, swiftly moving on top of me in one motion. I instinctually wrapped my legs around his hips and arched my back. I could feel him getting hard again.

He kissed at my neck and nibbled at my ear. I pushed myself up and bit at his shoulder.

“Come on,” I whispered into his ear. “What do you want to do? I said anything and I mean anything.”

Derrick straddled above me and pinned my wrists next to my head. I was getting wet without even knowing what he was going to say.

He swallowed slightly, licking his lips while staring at my naked body.

“I’m going to fuck you like crazy right now. And for my birthday? I want to do exactly that…but in front of a bunch of people so they can watch me do you like no one else can.”

I didn’t have any time to respond before his face was between my legs and the only words I could think of saying were, “Oh god…”

Less than a week later we were getting ready to head to a private sex club in the city. Derrick had bartended some events there before and was on good terms with the managers, so it was simple getting us approved to come as guests for a Friday night. One we showed a clean bill of health we were given the details of the club and a few nights to build our anticipation before the big day.

The dress code for the club dictated “semi-formal/cocktail attire” for the evening. I decided to pull a Natalie Portman alla Closer and pulled a pastel pink and purple wig on with my little cream dress. I pulled on some ridiculously high heels and dark lipstick and I was ready.

Derrick showed up looking sexy as fuck in his dress shirt, pants, way too expensive watch, and shined shoes. The man didn’t even need a tie and he looked hot enough to make me horny just walking in the door.

He sort of laughed at the wig but agreed that the “sexy stranger” thing added just another delicious layer to this fantasy.

Upon arriving to the club we were greeted by the host, Natalia, who gave us the lay of the land and the rules. (Consent for everything, condoms for everyone, creativity is highly encouraged.) She collected Derrick’s car keys (no drinking and driving allowed) and escorted us around, showing us the different rooms and areas. There was a bar (thank god), several bedrooms, a spa-like locker room for before and after that led to a sauna and hot tub, and an open area adjacent to the lobby with pillows, cushions, and couches.

“I’ll be near the entrance if you need anything. Have fun.” She winked in my direction, eying me up and down before sauntering back.

“Drinks?” Derrick asked in a low voice in my ear.

I nodded and slowly took it all in. He squeezed my shoulder, a reassurance that he would be back soon, and made his way towards the alcohol.

There was a trio of people, two girls and an older man, making out and fondling each other lightly on a couch. Mostly though people were just mingling and talking, clearly getting a sense for what everyone was about before staking any claim or interest.

“First time?”

A man who looked to be in his late thirties, early forties was beside me sipping on some sort of whiskey cocktail.

I flirtatiously twisted the pink hair of my wig.

“Am I that obvious?”

He raised his brows playfully. “Only because I know I would have remembered seeing you here before?”

I blushed. I am NOT a blusher.

“Well thank you…”

He extended a hand. “Braydon.”

I shook his hand firmly. “Lola.”

“Is that your real name, Lola?”

“Same question.”

Braydon laughed. I had to admit, he was pretty sexy. “So, where can I find you later, Lola?”

I sighed and batted my lashes. “Somewhere fucking my very, very sexy boyfriend in about as many ways as you can imagine.”

Braydon nodded. “That sounds like a show I’m going to want to check out.”

Derrick had reappeared, walking towards me with two cocktails.

“You are more than welcome to watch. I’d love it,” I purred.

Braydon leaned in, kissing my cheek. “Can’t wait.”

Derrick and he exchanged a nod as he made his way towards another group.

“Who was that?”

I laughed and shook my head, sipping on the vodka rocks he’d brought me.

“Someone who can’t wait to watch you make me scream,” I said bolding, locking eyes with him.

He planted a firm kiss on my mouth, grazing my lips with his teeth. Goddamn. I was already buzzing with anticipation.

“I can’t wait to show him.”

About an hour later the mood had completely shifted. What had previously just been like a cocktail party filled with innuendo was now a room filled with people who were filled to the brim with a NEED for sex. Couples and triads and groups had started making their way to various rooms. Some still lingered, kind of watching and waiting.

“Follow me,” Derrick instructed.

Fuck yes, I thought. I was more than ready.

I followed, my hand in his, as he lead us into the room with the couches, cushions, and various pillows. A group of about six men were already there, watching as two girls were using a dildo on each other. Three were jerking off while one instructed the girls what to do, and the other two passed a joint between them.

Derrick looked at me slowly, his eyes lingering on my chest.

“You sure?”

I nodded and smiled.


He turned me around and undid the tie that held my dress together and the nape of my neck. The fabric slipped easily down my shoulders and pooled at my waist. I hadn’t worn a bra, and the men who’d been watching the girls clearly noticed something was brewing on our side of the room.

Derrick started slowly, kissing the back of my neck and my shoulders softly and palming his hands on either side of my ribs. I shimmied my dress down and stepped out of it, standing just in my black, lace panties and heels. I went to to step out of my shoes when a firm hand wrapped around my ankle.

“Leave them on,” Derrick instructed and I looked down at him.

I nodded. “Yes, sir.”

His eyes flashed as I called him sir. He loved being in charge.

Derrick turned me around to face him. I was naked and exposed, and I loved it. He tickled one nipple with his tongue and slapped my ass firmly.

“Get on all fours.”

I dropped in obedience.

“Spread your legs.”

I moved each knee apart and felt myself get wet as he slowly came towards me.

He undid one button of his shirt before dropping to his knees. I shivered at the thought of what was about to happen and leaned my head back.

His fingers grazed up my legs and I let out a moan.

“I want you to listen, and listen closely. You can only cum when I say so. Do you understand?”

I nodded quickly, so excited and so wet.

He slapped my calf.

“I said, do you understand?” He said more forcefully.

“Yes, sir.”

I felt him push the black fabric to the side and slide a finger inside of me. I arched my back, pushing my ass in the air in response. He was purposeful, swirling along inside of me while simultaneously tickling my clit. My eyes fluttered closed as I focused on the sensations. I was so wet, and so horny.

I gasped as I felt him slip one of the vibrators we’d brought with inside of me. He turned it on and my whole body tensed and shook. He continued making circles with his fingers as he eased the toy in and out, in and out.

I sighed and melted into his hands. He pulsed the toy inside of me while also rubbing my most sensitive spot. All of my nerves were on fire — I wanted him so bad.

“Sir…” I weakly gasp as I grasped at the carpet with my hands. I was going to cum before we’d even done anything. The combination of the toys and the ambiance and my sexy, sexy boyfriend controlling my body was just too much.

“Not yet,” He said, backing off of my clit and pinching my nipple with his now free hand.

“Can I…can I…?” I couldn’t find the words, I was too horny. I needed him inside of me or I needed to cum.

Derrick slapped my ass again.

“Speak up,” He commanded.

“Sir will you fuck me please?” I whimpered.

He slapped me again. God he was hot.

“Like you mean it.”

“Will you please fuck me?” I was desperate. I needed him. I had never felt so turned on in my life.

I heard a zipper and a wrapper and before I knew it, his perfect cock slid into me. I moaned loudly and backed up into him. His pants were gone but his shirt was still on.

My eyes fluttered open to see we’d drawn a crowd. The girls who had been doing each other were now each stroking the cock of a different guy, fingering themselves in the process while watching us. Four other men were there, each staring and drinking, taking it all in.

I loved it. I’ve always been an attention whore.

Derrick thrusted a few times forcefully, spanking me again in between each motion. I rocked on my knees and moaned audibly, making sure to lock eyes with Braydon who had found his way into the room.

Derrick pulled out of me and jerked me to standing.

“I’m going to sit on this couch, and I want you to ride me so all of these people can see you’re mine,” He said.

I nodded in agreement and straddled him, backwards. My heels were on either side of his hips as I lowered myself onto him. God he felt so good.

I moved up and down and I felt him reach around to rub me while we fucked. He was so hard, and I was so wet. I braced my hands on the arm rests and moved fasted, moved harder. Every so often I would pause at the tip of him and slowly move down, circling my hips. Each time he would groan in pleasure and I felt him scratch up my back.

“Fuck me harder,” He gasped.

“Yes, sir,” I moaned, pumping more forcefully.

I heard him inhale sharply and tense his torso, and one hand gripped my hair tightly.

“Do not stop,” He said firmly.

I moved his hand from my clit to my mouth, sucking on his fingers and tasting myself on him. He groaned loudly, spilling into me as he finished but I kept going, I was so close. Derrick pushed me off of him mid thrust and I fell forward, back onto my hands and knees. He put the vibrator to my clit this time and slid his still hard cock into me.

“I want to hear you cum. Cum for me,” He breathlessly instructed.

Just three more pumps and I screamed out, climaxing just moments after him.

He collapsed onto me, both of our bodies spasming and shaking. We breathed deeply, coming back down from the high of fucking each other and putting on a show for all of those people.

A few seconds passed and I opened my eyes, meeting Braydon’s lustful gaze again. He raised his eyebrows and silently raised his glass to me before wandering away. I laughed softly.

Derrick flipped me onto my back and kissed me deeply.

“Happy birthday to me, indeed.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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