This Is Why You Should Quit Your Job (Yes, Seriously)

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I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase “life is short” at least once in their life. It may well be one of the most watered down phrases in history, but those three words still carry a lot of weight. We are only given one life to live, and as morbid as it sounds we can die 30-50 years from now or we can wake up and die tomorrow. No matter when that time comes though we should make an effort to live the best life as possible. One we can be proud of, and one, when we look back on it, can say we did everything we’ve ever wanted to do. That’s why I would highly recommend quitting your job as soon as possible.

Let’s be honest, 90% of Americans in the United States feel like they had to settle when choosing a career. Those who went to school for liberal arts might end up working some corporate job in the private sector after years of thinking you might go out and make a difference. Some go to school even for business may picture themselves as CEOs but end up working the bullpen their entire life. Those aspirations are things you should always hold onto though. If you see yourself not doing what you think you should be doing the answer might be a lot more simple than you think, just quit.

Being stuck is one of the worst and most common feelings in this country. With how the current economy and job market works it’s a perfect recipe to make unhappy people and employees. The rut is real and it definitely a sad place to be. If you find yourself stuck you should owe it to yourself to get out.

Yes, uprooting an entire career seems like an abstract idea. You’ve worked hard to get to where you’re at now, and the thought of flushing away all that just seems way too out there. Isn’t that all the more reason to start acting for yourself though? All this time you’ve been grinding and clawing your way through work, but has the outcome been for your benefit or someone else’s? Has all the hours and hours spent laboring for your bosses got you to where you wanna be? Or has it just resulted in small bumps up the career ladder with a slight raise here and there? Don’t you feel like you deserve more in the life? Didn’t you dream to have more in this life? All the time spent working for “the man” may seem productive, but taking a step back and really seeing the bigger picture as to what your life should truly be may open your eyes a little.

Think back to when you were a bright-eyed teenager. You were young and ambitious. Nothing in the world could’ve possibly have steered you away from the dreams you had in your heart. I got news for you, those dreams are still inside you. The unfortunate truth is that those dreams had to take a back seat so you can deal with the “real” world. As we grew up we became more cynical. Our views of the world became more grim and sour, and with those grey views came the loss of those dreams. If this is the case and you feel stuck it is healthy to get back in touch with those dreams you used to have and rekindle some of those flames you used to have inside you.

Even if you don’t have any clear dreams and goals, quitting your job is still something that could help those feelings of being in a rut. Some of the most successful and happiest people you’ll ever meet in this world didn’t know what they were doing with their life until they were way into it. Taking your time to figure out exactly what you wanna do isn’t a bad thing, and is probably a lot more common than you probably think. Sometimes taking time off is healthy for the brain to just relax and settle itself. Take time to breathe, self-reflect, and find your line.

So yeah, quitting your job sounds like a crazy and irrational idea. Nothing should be as crazy and irrational though as living an unhappy life that you’re not proud of. Sure it would be rough for a bit, but as soon as you find that calling in life and you follow the wind the feeling couldn’t be more freeing. Doing what you really want to do is one of the most liberating feelings you could ever experience, and when your final moments come you can look back on it all with a heart full of joy and smile on your face. So go and take that trip, start that business, and follow your dreams. Just make sure to quit your job before it gets in the way of you doing so. TC mark

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