I Promise, You Didn’t Peak Early

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The feeling you get while sitting in your first apartment as you lay alone at night can be crippling. The weight of the world is on your shoulders as you look every which way as you try and figure out your life. Rent is overdue, bills are piling up, and you’re starting to feel like a failure. The feeling is all too familiar for young adults all across the country. Long past are the days of going to school on the same routine, seeing friends every single day, and hanging out with your closest homies on a regular basis. This is adulthood, and it sucks.

Although those days are dead and gone it’s so easy to look back on them. Remember that time you were captain of the football team? When you played Aladdin in the schools big musical? Or when you graduated top ten in your class? Those were surely the good ol’ days, weren’t they? Life was just easy and simple back then. Nothing in the world could stress you out. Having fun back then just came naturally. Now with all the pressures of balancing a career with a life has crushed a lot of those bright-eyed desires you had back then. All your aspirations now seem like childish dreaming, and you being to think just maybe you “peaked”too early.

Yes, that feeling is totally understandable. We all look back on the days when things seemed easier and think to ourselves that’s as good as its gonna get. For young adults, it sometimes never feels like life is going to be as wonderful as it used to be. This is something that’s bound to happen though. No longer are you going to your paid for house every day after going to the same school you’ve been going to for years. You’ve been thrown to the wolves, and all you’re really hoping for now is to get by. This is a perfectly normal feeling, and I promise you certainly did not peak early.

If one thing is certain in the life its that were in control of our destiny. Sure, life throws curve balls at us every now and then, but these bumps in the road are always temporary. Life might have been fantastic for you back when you thought you peaked, but think of it this way…

Back then you were young, immature, and possibly even a little irresponsible. Now you’re a young adult out on your own. You’ve gone out into the world and started a life for yourself. You’re growing up, and you’re growing up fast. You’ve learned to adapt and overcome hardships when things seemed bleak. Then when you felt like you couldn’t get up the next morning, guess what, you did it. It was all you. It wasn’t your parents there holding your hand, and it wasn’t the temptation of getting up to a safe routine, it was you that picked yourself up. You are stronger now than you’ve ever been in your entire life. If you felt like you did great things back all those years ago just imagine what you’re capable of now.

I will tell you once again, you didn’t peak early. Things are just looking down at the moment. Just keep pushing forward. Don’t lose sight of those aspirations you had all those years ago, and remember that you are the best you there’s ever been at any point in time. Those dreams are achievable, and soon enough those feeling that you peaked too soon will become a thing of the past. And that’s where those feelings will stay with all those great memories you made. Keep those things in the past, find your line, and realize that you still have so much more to offer this world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” -Oscar Wilde

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