7 Ways I’m Turning Into My Mother (And I Can’t Say I Hate It)

From the moment I came out of her, I’ve been best friends with my mother. When she left the room, I screamed. Wherever she walked, I followed. Well, not much has changed. I call my mom every single day. If I don’t call her, I usually get a “are you alive?” text. I usually grab lunch with her at least two times a week. I love my mom, okay?!

I get the best of both worlds when it comes to my relationship with my mom: she’s both my parent and my friend. A lot of people say that you can’t mix the two, but she’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.

Sure, she drives me nuts at times, but I can say with full certainty that I do the same to her. They say that you can get a good idea of a woman based on how her mother is. So that means I am a bit crazy mixed with a whole lot of sweet.

Little do these people know, I am literally turning into her more and and more each day:

1. I am constantly using her bad jokes.

Me: Fix your hair already
Friend: I’m almost done I just need to tease it
Me: Well, that’s not a very nice thing to do. What did your hair ever do to you?


Yes, these jokes are being used. By me. On a regular basis now. It’s almost as bad as her dance moves, but lucky for my dad, I got one decent trait from him.

2. My organization, cleaning, and housekeeping methods are neurotic as hers.

What’s more fun than organizing your junk drawers, color-coordinating your closet, and making your bed perfectly every day? NOTHING!! At least, that’s how my mom and I feel.

Most days I am thankful that she passed down her type-A personality and love of cleaning supplies – but other days I wish that I didn’t care so much about that one smudge on the bathroom mirror.

3. I love taking care of my friends and making them feel comfortable.

Speaking of homes, I love when people walk into my apartment and call it “cozy” because that’s how our house always was growing up. My mom is an expert at turning a house into a home.

Nothing makes me happier than when I can have my close friends over and take care of them. Just ask my boyfriend, who is always greeted by a buffet of food at my dining room table.

4. My ability to make friends with complete strangers.

Thank you, sir, for sitting next to me on the plane, I hope you’re ready to be BFFs after this! There’s really not a time that my mom goes out, whether it’s to dinner, to a bar, or on a trip, where she comes back without a new friend. “Logan, I just met the nicest girl at Happy Hour! She lives in Dallas, too! Her boyfriend sucks, but she’s working on herself right now.”

5. My obsession with hair care and beauty products.

At the ripe age of 12, my mom introduced me to the makeup department at Nordstrom. I remember getting a makeup planner at Trish McEvoy and learning how to do a smoky eye. And dammit, that habit has just escalated over time. It’s like she set me up for a lifetime of eating cereal for dinner so that I can have that Kerastase shampoo and conditioner.

6. I am impulsive with almost everything.

If I find an awesome comforter that I must have, chances are I’m getting it that day. If my sister tells me we need another girl’s trip to New York, I might just book the whole trip. It’s my need to check things off my to-do list (type-A, once again).

7. You like my shirt!? I’ll tell you where I got it!

Don’t expect to give me a compliment and just get a “thank you” in return. Nah, girl. I’m telling you where I got this shirt, which sale rack it was on, and what color would look good on you.

Aren’t moms the best? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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