You Are So Much More Than Everything I Ever Wanted

Petr Mika
Petr Mika

I feel like saying “you’re all I ever wanted” makes it seem like you’re a checklist that I’ve completed.

Handsome. Check. Treats me well. Check. Makes me feel loved. Check.

But you are much more than that to me. You are everything I’ve deserved, but didn’t know it until I met you. You are everything I’ve wished for, but never thought I’d have. You are everything I’ve been patient for, been excited for, been hopeful of.

Throughout every defeat in love, I have never faltered on being hopeful that someday I would have it. I pride myself in that. Sure, I have felt jaded, lonely, and sad at times, but never hopeless. Something in me has always known that once I was placed in this position, that I wouldn’t dare let it go.

The lessons I’ve learned in the past have taught me how I want to be with you now. Because I’ve felt hurt, I don’t want you to feel it. Because I know loneliness, I never want to make you feel like you’re alone. Because I have seen the ones I love leave, I want you to know I am not going anywhere.

You are more than everything I’ve wanted because you’re everything I didn’t even know was attainable.

You make me laugh harder than I’ve ever laughed. Your embrace makes me feel like I could stay there forever. You accept every part of who I am – even if some of those parts aren’t so great. You make me feel genuinely loved and appreciated.

You make me want to spend every minute with you.

I have often seen relationships and thought “I don’t truly know if I will ever get that.” Not because I felt sorry for myself, or because I had given up, but because the kind of love I always wanted was not typical at all. It wasn’t going to be a safe kind of love. It was going to be the kind of love that changed how I saw the world.

Although our relationship has just begun, you have changed my life more than anything or anyone ever has. I wouldn’t change a thing I’ve been through because it all led to you. All of the missteps, the failures, the heartbreak, and more.

Thank you for not being everything I’ve ever wanted – but being so much more than that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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