5 Subtle Reasons She Could Be Mad At You (That You Are Not Aware Of)

 Clem Onojeghuo

Clem Onojeghuo

To guys, the opposite sex is a mystery. I have heard too many men talk about how women are crazy and irrational. And I have to admit that sometimes girls do tend to overreact about the little things. Women aren’t perfect and we do get carried away very often. But guys aren’t flawless either. And there are certain things that men do that can make a girl go crazy.

So even though it might seem that a girl can appear irrational, there are reasonable explanations to why she acts the way that she does. I definitely don’t want to make excuses for ever overreacting and I don’t want to stereotype any girls either. But here are some typical reason to why a girl can get crazy-eyed and give a guy the silent treatment.

1. If you made plans too late

Girls take a while to get ready. If you let a girl know that you are meeting the night before or a couple of hours before, this can get very annoying. If a guy can take a shower in about ten minutes, it is difficult for women to do the same. Think about how much time a girl spends shaving, conditioning, and moisturizing, and then having a guy not appreciate that. Or what about those wax appointments that she has to make? How is she going to master that if a guy only lets her know a couple of hours in advance? The worst is when a guy cancels last minute and all that preparation goes to waste.

2. Something you post on social media

Girls read into everything. It’s a common problem. Will it get fixed? Probably not. Some girls do get a bit over territorial and jealous if you like someone else’s post. Some girl will even go to great lengths to see whose post you liked. Does this mean she is crazy? No. Does this mean she is insecure in a way and needs you to show her that you care? Yes. Someone’s insecurities do not make them crazy. We can all agree that confidence is always attractive in a woman, but the more guys put girls down by calling them “crazy” all the more insecurities they will develop.

3. You do not check up on her often enough

As much as men say it is sexy when women make the first move, it is still typical for girls to wait for the guy to initiate conversations and dates. There is still this stigma going around that if a girl makes the first move she is thirsty and trying too hard. There are so much posts and articles online, telling girls that they should play hard to get and not seem desperate, it’s brainwashing them to think that way. The most common advice a girl hears is that actions speak louder than words. But can you really blame a girl for being mad at this? Any human being who ignores someone else, or who does not check up on the other person, sets off the vibe that they are not interested.

4. Not initiating the planning, or not being interested in planning the date

This is true for both genders. It is so annoying when someone does not voice their opinions about what they want to do on a date. There is a thin line between being controlling and coming off as not giving a damn. And a guy can very well get mad at a girl for doing the same thing. Somehow most indecisive people tend to just be annoying in general.

5. Not knowing personal things about her

Girls stalk guys on social media very often. Most likely she will know what school he went to and who is in his immediate family before they even meet. That’s why it is very important for a girl that a guy knows personal details about her life too (like her last name and her date of birth). It’s the little things that matter, it shows that a guy takes time and cares enough to remember all those bits of information, and that she is not just another number.

Girls and guys seem to be two different entities. Girls will most likely always think that actions speak louder than words, and take everything close to heart. The first step to understanding your partner is trying to put yourself in their shoes. And that goes not only for guys who think all women are crazy, but also for girls who think all men are fuck boys. There is always a specific reason why a person can get mad, regardless of the gender. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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