The Evolution Of The Other Woman

Jake Melara

Infatuation and the logic of knowing
you were way out of my league.
Only this time I was a grown woman
and you were slightly younger.
In our twenties,
yet somehow,
even in college–
You made me nervous.

Approaching you felt about as steady
as my first time without training wheels
You were an unattainable frat boy–
I was an invisible, quiet girl.
Yet that night was different.
You were too good to be true–
holding my morals in your arms
You letting me wrap myself around you
enough so I was stuck,
but you could let go
to live comfortably
in your double life.

Telling your girlfriend that you love her
From miles away as you tucked me in at night.
And this “too good to be true”
had been proven as I slept
restlessly in a bed of guilt–
My head on a pillow filled with regret,
but I trusted you, I cared, I was there–

When she found out and none of it mattered.
You poured the blame on me
like gasoline–
Homewrecking whore.
And she lit me on fire
so I burst into flames.
Then out of my ashes
I was reborn. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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