You’re Gone

Gilles Lambert
Gilles Lambert

You spoke in a way
That made me nervous
to reply. In case
What I said back was
Inadequate, or
Incorrectly read.
I stayed aloof, but
You were intriguing.
I learned to look down
But that solved nothing.
You were impeccably
Authentic and real,
Real and beautiful.
Beautiful- dysfunction.
And it was enough
Until you ditched me.
Leaving me behind
Like a pair of shoes
You grew out of, but
I never changed
I am still useful
Yet considered
“Damaged goods”

As you move forward
To start something new
Something real, unhidden.
For someone else
Who is enough to
Be your only girl

I think of what this
Says about me
A mistake, maybe? or
A wrong turn taken.
But I am human,
Authentic, aware
But I let you go

I’m still here alone
With my fickle mind
I say it will be okay
In reality I can’t
Explain how I feel
Perpetually numb
Sedated? I can’t
Begin to explain. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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