The (Honest) Pros And Cons Of Keeping A Gym Membership


1. It’s expensive
Most gyms range from around $20-$100 a month, depending on their facilities, location and brand. It might not seem like much, but $75 a month is $900 for a year! As a graduate, this is probably more than a month’s rent. Can you really afford this on top of your expensive smart phone, food, rent, bills, clothes and going out?

2. You have to get there first
It’s not as easy as popping down to your living room, or moving your room around to make exercise space. You have to take the bus or drive to a place where you want to work out. The alternatives to make the journey that bit more beneficial is cycling or walking to the gym. It means your body is working at different paces, so will carrying on burning more fat after exercise ends.

3. You have to look good
You need to get kitted out with the freshest new shoes, the slickest tracksuit or lycra outfit. If you’re trying to impress, you want to find the most flattering leggings and most supportive sports bra. But all of this comes at a price. (Not to mention how you have your hair and whether girls should wear a full face of make-up or not.)

4. You can’t be yourself
You can’t really have a good sing song to Beyoncé as you power through a 5km run. Nor can you pull faces when you lift those challenging 10kg dumbbells. You have to look deadly serious and at all costs, avoid eye contact. Beware of gyms that have huge street-facing windows too, because people will walk past and catch your ‘forcing a bowel movement face’.

5. You don’t go enough
Have a serious think about it. Have you been since the first week of January after that desperately needed NYE detox? Consider how much you would pay for your average visit to the gym – say a two hour session for $5 – you need to go at least once a week with a $20 membership for it to be worth the money.

6. You can work out at home
With the internet at the stage it is, YouTube is full of real-time work out tutorials, cheap exercise DVDs are readily available and there are plenty of exercise Apps on your smartphone. These all offer quick and convenient ways for you to tone your abs or be rid of those love handles from the comfort of your own home.


1. You sound cool
‘I’m just heading to the gym’ carries the connotation of I’m-a-cool-person-that-works-out. Own it. Be proud of the fact that you take the time to look after your body no matter the price and time-based dedication.

2. You feel obliged to go
If you’ve paid for membership or have a monthly direct debit, you should feel more motivated to take advantage of the service you are already paying through the nose for. It’s also an opportunity to get out of the house and away from any responsibilities for a couple of hours.

3. It can be social activity
If you can find a gym buddy, the experience is made even more enjoyable. Gone are the lonely bus rides, you won’t feel as self-conscious goofing around with your mate and you will be more inclined to go and avoid letting your friend down.

4. Everything is in one place
All the resources you need are in one building and you have the option to have a leg day or a cardio day, etc. Depending on the price of your membership, the equipment will be better the more you fork out, but you should never get bored of just doing one form of exercise.

5. You can take classes rather than working out alone
Attending classes is sometimes an even easier option for budding fitness fans. They cost a little extra, but you’ll be in a group, all doing the same activities and it’s a great way to meet people. You will also gain advice from you instructor and feel more motivated to work hard surrounded by others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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